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Monday, March 3, 2008

Miss-Print, Miss-Informed, Miss-Taken, Miss-Everything Wrong Mom

I was informed that my post on the infamous Putt-Putt Boat was namely wrong......Excuse is a Pot-Pot Boat. Whatever you want to call is going to be the death of Hubby. As I'm wiping sweat from my brow.....the due date is Wednesday...gulp! I'm hollering "calf rope!" I'm making a trip to Hobby Lobby ASAP! Want we do anything for our young-uns? I would include a pic of "IT", but hubby would not be pleased with me.....ya's not finished yet.....I mean it's together...just needs some finishing get it to actually work:) lol!!!!!!!!!!! Hubby is really a I could never even attempt to construct what he has. I was very just won't work.

So in my attempts to redeem myself and take back all the Miss-Mother's....I'm going to help hubby out. When in doubt....just BUY IT:) That's my motto:)

If someone reading this happen to have the same project assigned to them...please don't tell hubby if you had an easy time of making it......hubby might not take kindly to that....ya know it's a man thang! Oh, but I would love to know:)
BTW....I just ordered the thing on-line:) Should be here tomorrow:) lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update on Mom and MawMaw: Mom is in B'ham today. She should find out if her system is clear of all infections, and making a date for the VAD surgery next week. I'll let you know tomorrow what the outcome of today was. Please continue praying for Mom.
Mom and I visited with Mawmaw yesterday and it just tore me up. Why can't I get a hold of myself? Mawmaw just out-stretched her arms for us yesterday, just like always, and I just wanted to stay wrapped up in her arms forever. Her eyes seemed so lonely and so far away from us at times. I know this is the aging process...but man it hurts. Please continue to pray for her and us as we make this transition, and that she will be rehabilitated enough to move to assisted living.

Love to all,


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