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Saturday, March 8, 2008

I'll Be Right There Honey:)

This is Hubby on the side of the road this cold artic morning!

We are one dysfunctional family....

Dejavue? I've been to this same spot, for the same reason, for Hubby and son #2 when he was a wee little boy:)

Me "Hello"
Hubby "Hey can you come and get us?"
Me "What now?"
Hubby "We ran out of gas!" "Bring the can in the shop."
Me "LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!"

My Dad gave son #1 this decrepit truck. It was a deal they made last summer for some work son #1 did for him. Now, this truck is 20 years old and in need of some repair....let me rephrase....LOTS OF REPAIR! So, today on this 25 degree, gusting winds, blowing snow of a day....they decide to take it for a spin and get some gas, oh and a battery. It is running on the boat's battery that is being held in by a rope:) The boys were worried about someone seeing them on the side of the road:) lol!!!!

So, I get bundled up and take off with the can. Me, "LOL!!! Hubby, "I thought you would drive my truck." Me, "You didn't tell me why I needed to drive the truck." Hubby, "Well, I need the jumper cables...the battery is dead." Me, "LOL!!!!!!!!!"

Some conversation with the boys and Hubby went something like this.....sons, "Dad what were you thinking?" Hubby, "Well sons it's like said you were now you are not."

Ain't we having fun:)



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K. Tilley said...

All I have to say is.....Hubby, you fool!!! LOL