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Monday, March 10, 2008

Update on Mom

Another 2 post day!

Mom just called me and she is in the hospital. She has started the heart transplant meds via IV. She doesn't know how long she will have to depends on how her body responds to the meds. If she does okay on them, then she will be able to come home and take them. These meds will have to be taken until she receives a heart. They have bumped her up on the list. So, now it's just wait. She sent Dad home:) I think she is in need of some quite time. Dad has been a great supporter, never leaving her side for a minute, but sometimes a woman just needs her space:) Do I hear an Amen sisters? She insisted she feels fine and for us to not come down there. She will call when she is ready to come home! Yes ma'am!! Gotta love her Independence!

We love you Mom!!

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