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Friday, March 28, 2008


If you don't know the above phone #....let me clue you in.......POISON CONTROL:) I will forever have that number burned in my brain....ya know the brain that forgets everything:) And you are fixing to see what I mean by that!

I wanted to share with you today a picture of son #2's first game to pitch. He was sooooo nervous....almost to point of being sick...nervous. He did great! It was a good night out at the ball field......heck every night for that matter is at the ball field....and I aim to make them good! I love sports and bit of a competitor that helps a little:) We felt torn last night, with son #1 playing a game at another field. But, this was son #2's first game and he has been patient with us going to and fro with brother, so it's his turn.

Okay back to son #2's big night. I thought it was going to revolve around the "game", but no, it revolved around POISON CONTROL:) Yes, me the flying by the seat of my pants, Mom, was going to doctor son #2's cold. He has had this cold for several days...and after the game he seemed chugged up a bit and coughing. So, I commence to giving him "his".....see I did good, I gave him "his" prescribed medicine from a previous bout with congestion....where things went horribly wrong..... was I gave him too much. I had given him an OTC cough syrup that morning..non-drosy formula, which was a different dosage...and I mistakenly gave him a dose too much of the real thing last night. It hit me like a ton of bricks, what I had done! My knees got weak and a sick feeling came over me. Now what? It's late, he's asleep, I don't know if he'll wake mind went wild with crazy thoughts. The same kind of feeling I got when son#1 went missing in the middle of the night at age 4. That story will have to wait for another day.

Before you contact DHR........this is my first call to POISON CONTROL:) and he's 9! I think that's pretty good:) lol!!!!!! I can laugh about it now.....he is fine! But, being a worry! I called his pediatrician and the nurse told me to call POISON CONTROL. If I wasn't worried by then, boy I was now. I called POISON here is what went down.

The call was made around 10:30ish, and around 3ish this morning...I collapsed! Those people mean business! I felt like if I didn't do exactly as they said.....DHR, FBI, and the POLICE were coming after me. The lady-drill sergeant, ordered me to wake him up, after she ran the figures on his weight vs. dosage,...... whew.... he wasn't toxic....., but he had to get up and stay up for 1 hour, all the while drinking as much fluids as possible! I managed to get him up, watch a game of b-ball w/hubby, eat popcorn, drink fluids....just as ordered. Next she called at 11:30..."is he still up, did you get him to drink, if not, you will have to take him to the ER".....yes ma'am I did everything you said. " Okay, I'll call you back in another hour. You can let him go to sleep, but wake him up when I call back." Yes ma'am! 1 am...."ma'am wake him he okay?" Yes ma'am! "I'll call back in 2 hours." Yes ma'am! 3am......"ma'am is he still okay?" Yes ma'am!

That's how his big night went! This must go down as the worst Mom Moment in history! I kept asking myself "why, what were you thinking?"

I didn't want to even tell what happened...but I thought this might either, some other poor child or 2. give you a sense of pride...seeing you are not the worst Mom ever:)...or maybe 3. provide you with just a good laugh!

Anyway, as I'm yawning today....DON'T ASK WHY......NOW YOU KNOW:)


I would appreciate all the prayers and pat on the backs:)

BTW......son #2 said he felt good this morning:)



Anonymous said...

Ok, I have had to call them before too, so you are not the worst Mom. And I am glad I am not the only one who keeps the medicine from previous colds, etc.. so they will be on hand for these times. Glad you did get a little rest and that he is feeling better.

K. Tilley said...

I'm gonna send you to the looney bin!!!! Along with keeping the kitchen clean, JD is gonna have to start taking complete care of the boys.....LOL

Glad to hear JT is still alive and well. Don't feel bad, your just stressed and had alot thrown at you lately.....Looking forward to next week-end......away from it all!! I may just get my own motel room, eat, and read a book for the two days......sounds good to me..

Melissa Lea said...

Holy Cow! What a nite..... glad everything is ok! I will keep that number handy!:-)

Lisa writes... said...

How scary! So glad everything has turned out well...

By the way, I love your tagline on small towns; I too live in a small town. I grew up in the big(ger) city but I love small town life! I noticed your mom was in B'ham--do you live in Alabama like me?

Blessings to you, fellow small town girl!

Deedra said...

Bless your heart!! Don't feel so bad, Carter isn't even 2 yet and I already had to call them. He got in my bag a couple of months ago and by the time I discovered what he was doing, he was sitting in the middle of my bed with my purse and a SUPER large bottle of Tums, foaming at the mouth!! I nearly fainted!!! If I didn't feel bad before I called PC, I sure felt like the worst mom EVER by the time I got off the phone with them!

I'm glad he's feeling better! (and that he's okay! :)

Cheryl said...

You are most certainly not the "worst Mom ever"! Just a most caring Mom! Glad everything is O.K. with you and him. I know you were a basket case!!!! We can't help that, it is the Mom in us. Yesterday as we went to order Tux for prom dates, all the kids had parents with them (even the girls) except for one couple. I felt so sorry for them, I bet they wished they had a Mom like you to take care of them!!! Happy Lord's Day to you and your family!!