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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Zyrtec and Me

I have this allergy thing going on and so yesterday I stopped in the local drugstore where I work and browsed for the perfect drug to cancel out all these symptoms I'm experiencing. So, what do my wandering eyes see.....ZYRTEC......yes, that's it. I haven't taken that one in a long time:) Now, I know why I haven't. Have you ever experienced a drug induced COMA? I have now.....I took the ZYRTEC yesterday morning....felt good...symptoms gone.....oh yeah...I made the right choice.....WRONG! It all came crashing down on me as I was driving home from work. The kind of sleep I've been dreaming of getting...finally hits me on the way home. The kind where you have to roll the windows down and turn the AC on:) I managed to cook supper and eat..I think? Then as hubby and I were talking after dinner around 6:30 or so, I drifted off into lala land:) Hubby woke me up @ 9:30 pm:) I staggered to the bed and went back to my COMA and didn't wake up until 6:30 a.m. :) this morning! No dreams of falling off cliffs, saving children or any weird dreams....just that good 'ole sound sleep!

The drugged effect is finally wearing off! I'm totally sworn off ZYRTEC.....if you happen to see me reach for it again....please cut my arm off. I can't handle it:) I need to be able to function......let me family needs me to be able to function:) lol!!!!!!!!!! Although, hubby did a great job of cleaning the supper dishes! Thanks honey:)

I'm back to the OCEAN saline nasal spray...the kind in the aerosol can, with the long snout on it! Let me tell you if you need your sinus cavities and brain for that matter, blown to smitherines...this is your nasal spray. I won't make the mistake of skipping it from my daily routine of nasal washing and have to resort to ZYRTEC ever again!

Aren't you glad you know my nasal hygiene?

Your welcome....any time:)




Anonymous said...

At least you know the trick to get hubby to do the dishes. That does not work for me! I just have a pile of everything to do when I finally come to!!

K. Tilley said...

I am in a Phenigran indused coma today.....woke up at 3 am rolled over and everything started spinning. Thought of you...LOL

I can't decide if its inner ear or some new herb the chiropractor put me on......time will the mean time, I'm enjoying the Phenigran (spelling??)