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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Update on Mom

Sorry I'm late about giving an update on Mom. It was run home from work, throw some clothes...I hope they landed in the washer...and off to the ball field we go. Which was a bitter cold night....I caved and sat in the car with my friend K. We enjoyed the game just fine through the fogged up windows:) Yes, we talked just a bit..... Just ask the umpires and fans who watched as we sat in the car with the headlights on. Hubby's car is not my favorite vehicle to ride's like riding in a go-cart, with your head back and your feet up....and who can operate those stinking automatic lights. Every time you touch the car...those things come on...and will not go off...for what seems like 20 minutes. When the dugout talk......was something like this....who is the idiot in the car in the outfield who keeps turning their lights on......son #1 actually spoke up and said, "that's my Mom, and she doesn't drive Dad's car that much, so she doesn't know how to turn them off." Thanks son for taking up for your ya:) Son #1 said Mom, you know they stop the game until they are turned off. Well yes, but..........oh come on...give me a break:) lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had fun and WON....that's all that matters:) Right?

Okay back to Mom.....I do love her......I had this pic of her that I took Sunday with her IV in tow and her cooking away for this HUGE Easter dinner she had prepared.......but I'm having trouble finding my camera:) No surprise to you I'm either for that matter. So just get the mental picture of her standing over the stove cooking.

Now let me tell you when I say she is one tough cookie. I had to wash my windows Fri.....because she had told me that she had done hers. Come on people...she is waiting on a heart...I HAVE NO EXCUSES. The dinner was delicious! Heck, we are still eating leftovers!

She went yesterday to B'ham. It was a very long and stressful day for her. She was pooped. They did the heart cath and the results showed that she was doing better. The immune booster that she is getting via IV, is working. Yeah!!! As soon as this mammogram issue is resolved...which should be today...everything "should" be good to go. I hope and pray that she gets the call today saying the mammogram was fine and to get on with it.

I'm wondering if I can get some of that immune booster:) My tank seems to be running on fumes:) lol!!!!!!!!!!!

Update: I misunderstood Mom yesterday......she is not expecting a call from her coordinator about the mammogram. She said they would call only if they needed something else, etc. You'll have to bear with me on the details........things happen so fast and change with the wind....with these transplant procedures. We are just taking one day at a time......precious Lord take my hand, lead me on, help me stand! Singing again:)

Love ya'll,



eph2810 said...

Carrie - you are funny. Sitting in the car with your friend, talking and shining headlights on the game - lol.

I am so glad to read that your mom is doing so well. I too hope that the mammogram will be looking good.

Blessings to you and yours.

Cheryl said...

I know how you feel about the headlight thing. During a ballgame, when Ross was playing, I was behind the batter, behind the fence, with my little video camera filming my son while he was up to bat. Well, the umpire called a time and walked straight over to me and told me I had to turn my camera OFF! I did not know it but my camera had a night shot light that comes on. It was a distraction to the pitcher!! Yes, I was very embarassed and so was Ross. So we can do some silly things but hey, it gives them something to talk about at school, huh?
I hope things work out with K and the mammogram today! Love You!