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Monday, March 10, 2008

Parenting 101

I desperately need a handbook that answers all these questions?

When are kids old enough to be left home alone? Is there a legal age for this, so the parents won't get arrested or DHR take them away?

This is a time in my life where I feel like the worse Mom ever for leaving them in the first place. Where do you draw the line?

Due to a break-in in our home a few years ago, this staying-at-home by themselves, is not up for discussion. It urps me to know end, that not only did they steal everything valuable we owned, but they took our sense of security, and that folks, is something you can't put a price tag on. To add to that no price tag item, my pictures and videos of the kids, were also taken.

The thieves were caught and some items we recovered. I even wrote a letter of forgiveness and tried to witness to the man that was jailed. I know you are wondering, what was she thinking writing to a jail-bird, but he had written us a letter asking for our forgiveness. God forgave, so by the grace that he gave me, I could forgive too. But now, years later, the old devil keeps bringing it back up to us. I'm still proclaiming the forgiveness that I did in that letter, and I hope and pray that man was changed, that he accepted Christ as his Saviour. The scripture says, "Be Not Afraid", this is the comfort that I have in knowing our God will take care of us. He did that spring day when they broke in. Hubby had just left the house on a tractor. These men were traveling through and were armed and considered dangerous. God was watching over Hubby that day.

We are trying to tell the kids that God is watching over us and will take care of us. We can't let the devil win! Life goes on...yes with more precautions...but it is a life worth living...and one that we shouldn't be held down by chains of fear. Please pray for the security we once felt in our home, will once again be restored.

Update on Mom: Mom and Dad have left this morning heading to B'ham. For what, we don't really know,except they are supposed to start transplant meds, but as soon as I hear, I will post another update.

Thanks for all the loving prayers and support you all have given us.

Love you all,


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Cheryl said...

And when you find that handbook please save it for me!!! Sometimes it would be really nice to have a book. I am sorry to hear about someone breaking into your home. That has to be something that will stay in the back of your mind for a lifetime. It is not that you have not forgiven, but it is the "MOMMA HEN" that is always wanting to protect her young chicks thing that we Mom's seem to have. I do not know if we ever get rid of it. Anna is 17 and I hate to leave her at the house alone for a long period of time. She goes to my Mom's. Ross is 19, we went on a church trip last year and he stayed alone for several days and said he loved it but I was really nervous about it. The first time he had ever stayed alone. He was 18 for goodness sakes! I am just terrible about letting go. You are normal my friend! and a wonderful Mom - Love You!