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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Future Salesman

I could not sell a warm coat on a day like this: btw...this is the sunrise at my house this morning!

Oh, but son #2 could. Watch out, because he is selling doughnuts like no body's business. Apparently the 3rd grade classes are raising money for resources needed for their reading program. Or at least, that is the word I got from him, being that he knows how to put the charm on and to get what he wants. Just ask son #1:) I apologize ahead for his cunningness, but hey, it takes all kinds to make the world go round. He does not have one shy bone in his body. Wonder where he gets that from? I'm thinking from the maniac traveling baseball evangelist hubby of mine! He is a good hearted kid and I love him bunches and MTBE Hubby too:)!
I understand that schools need money....but good's a fund raiser every time I turn around. Normally, I get the heads up and shoot it down before he gets a chance to make his pitch. But, this time I was blind-sided with it, since I've been out-of-pocket with Mom and Mawmaw. Wonder what else they are keeping from me :o Gasp! I came home to see a sauntering gun and massive amounts of metal and things that looked explosive on the kitchen table last night. I stopped, looked, listened...nothing I continued on down the hall....wait...I see this white residue all over the floor and walls of the bathroom....I was afraid to ask, especially after the boys were showing me spots on them where it looked like something bit or burned them, and son #1 had this so-called white residue all over him! I asked, " Your Dad was here at some point, right?" Oh yeah, he just went to the church for a minute...that justifies it every time:)
Come to find out, the whole scene was a "SCHOOL PROJECT!" I knew about the project, but didn't realize the complications surrounding it! It is a putt-putt boat, click on putt-putt boat if you want to learn how to make one:)....this is rocket science people....metal, paint, copper tubing...sounds like a meth lab....but no, it's a SCHOOL PROJECT....that is waaaaaay past due...son #2 is stroking out and the teacher is putting the heat on....wonder who chose this project...him or her? So, I wrote a little note explaining the delay....sick people in the family and little league baseball meetings:) Wonder if she will buy it? I really didn't go into details with her, knowing she has heard them all...but they seemed justifiable to me. Son #2 proclaimed to his Dad that he just needed to QUIT the quest program because he couldn't finish this project. That would be just great....what loser parents would be the cause of their kids quitting class.....apparently us:) lol!!!!!!!!! NO he is not quitting just yet....I promised the teacher, we (I mean, hubby) would have it done by next week!
Just so you know...the white residue didn't have anything to do with the project, bombs or drugs....just good old Gold Bond Powder! Don't ask why:) There are just some things a mother doesn't need to know:)



K. Tilley said...

Life is always so interesting at your wonder my son wants to live with ya'll.....LOL

Cheryl said...

You are so funny girl! Why didn't you blog sooner??? I love stopping by your place for a short visit. Basketball is over and baseball is beginning for you huh?? One sport stops and the other is already in progress. I have been there. I loved it. I kinda, sorta miss it. I'm not ready to go back though. I love reading your experiences. Hope things get really better, and soon with your family. Praying for your Mom and her Mom! God Bless~

Deedra said...

I'm with ya on the fund raiser bit. I was ambushed at Awana's Wednesday night to buy donuts!

I'm glad there was no white powder involved in the project....I'm also glad you didn't elaborate on where the Gold Bond was used!!