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The nice part about living in a small town: When you don't know what you're doing, someone else always does.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Future Salesman

I could not sell a warm coat on a day like this: btw...this is the sunrise at my house this morning!

Oh, but son #2 could. Watch out, because he is selling doughnuts like no body's business. Apparently the 3rd grade classes are raising money for resources needed for their reading program. Or at least, that is the word I got from him, being that he knows how to put the charm on and to get what he wants. Just ask son #1:) I apologize ahead for his cunningness, but hey, it takes all kinds to make the world go round. He does not have one shy bone in his body. Wonder where he gets that from? I'm thinking from the maniac traveling baseball evangelist hubby of mine! He is a good hearted kid and I love him bunches and MTBE Hubby too:)!
I understand that schools need money....but good's a fund raiser every time I turn around. Normally, I get the heads up and shoot it down before he gets a chance to make his pitch. But, this time I was blind-sided with it, since I've been out-of-pocket with Mom and Mawmaw. Wonder what else they are keeping from me :o Gasp! I came home to see a sauntering gun and massive amounts of metal and things that looked explosive on the kitchen table last night. I stopped, looked, listened...nothing I continued on down the hall....wait...I see this white residue all over the floor and walls of the bathroom....I was afraid to ask, especially after the boys were showing me spots on them where it looked like something bit or burned them, and son #1 had this so-called white residue all over him! I asked, " Your Dad was here at some point, right?" Oh yeah, he just went to the church for a minute...that justifies it every time:)
Come to find out, the whole scene was a "SCHOOL PROJECT!" I knew about the project, but didn't realize the complications surrounding it! It is a putt-putt boat, click on putt-putt boat if you want to learn how to make one:)....this is rocket science people....metal, paint, copper tubing...sounds like a meth lab....but no, it's a SCHOOL PROJECT....that is waaaaaay past due...son #2 is stroking out and the teacher is putting the heat on....wonder who chose this project...him or her? So, I wrote a little note explaining the delay....sick people in the family and little league baseball meetings:) Wonder if she will buy it? I really didn't go into details with her, knowing she has heard them all...but they seemed justifiable to me. Son #2 proclaimed to his Dad that he just needed to QUIT the quest program because he couldn't finish this project. That would be just great....what loser parents would be the cause of their kids quitting class.....apparently us:) lol!!!!!!!!! NO he is not quitting just yet....I promised the teacher, we (I mean, hubby) would have it done by next week!
Just so you know...the white residue didn't have anything to do with the project, bombs or drugs....just good old Gold Bond Powder! Don't ask why:) There are just some things a mother doesn't need to know:)


Monday, February 25, 2008

Rugged Cross

"Whosoever doth not bear his cross, and come after me, cannot be my disciple" Luke 14:27

I wanted to share with you the Sunday School lesson I taught to the Primary Class yesterday. Actually it was intended for me. Ain't it great how God sends His word to us at the most needed time. As you all know, with what Mom is going through right now, she is struggling with peace and understanding. This lesson spoke to me so loud that I just couldn't get it all told in class. The aim of the lesson was to teach that we must be willing to suffer hardships if we choose to become followers of Christ. He didn't promise us a bed of roses. I want to leave with you, the commentary's illustration for this lesson of "Becoming a Follower."

5 examples of crosses:

Velvet-covered Cross - Would you ask Jesus to give you a velvet cross to bear? It would be a thing of beauty but of no value to the Lord if you could not withstand the rigors of battle against Satan.

Gold Cross - If you demanded a gold cross to bear because you sought riches as you served Jesus, your service would be worthless. Money cannot replace true dedication to the Lord.

Padded Cross - If you asked for an easy cross, you would not grow spiritually. Your cross would not be the cross of a disciple.

A Cross that stands alone - You would not need to bear this cross. You could carry it when it pleased you and walk away from it when times became difficult. A disciple of Christ must bear his cross and follow Jesus continually.

Rugged Cross - Jesus chooses the cross you must bear when you become His disciple. Accept the cross He gives you with a thankful heart.

It's not that we don't know all these things, but when we try to accept it and learn it on a child's level.......IT'S JUST PLAIN EASY TO UNDERSTAND! I wanted the kids to make a cross. We made them out of twigs. They were not the prettiest crosses you've ever seen, but like the cross we bear for Jesus, is one that, even though it lacks all the beauty and luster, is well worth it, because Jesus gave it to us. God will receive all the Glory for whatever may come with Mom's situation. We will praise him for the RUGGED CROSS!!!!

Mawmaw was transferred to a nursing home today. It is a sad day for our family. It was a hard decision that had to be made. Please pray for her in the upcoming days as she/we make the transition. The songs she sang to me yesterday as I sat with her in the hospital, will forever be on my heart and mind. Along with the proper technique of folding a quilt, which she recanted over and over and over to me, while we actually folded sheets, blankets, and anything with 4 corners:) She has taught me a lot over the how to make chocolate gravy and cathead biscuits.....the family is proud of that:) But most of all.... Mawmaw knows her COMFORTER and HE KNOWS HER.....this I am sure of! She was a Preachers-Wife of 60 years! What an impact their faith made on me! They both are perfect examples of bearing a RUGGED CROSS, as their lives were not easy nor clad with velvet and gold, but they persevered and pressed on to fight the good fight and to finish the race for the Glory of God.

Just heard from Mom. She has another week to wait for the VAD.....due to infections not cleared up. So, tentatively surgery should be the week of March 10th. Another check-up needed next week to confirm it.

Love to all!


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Little League Baseball:)

"Put on therefore, as the elect of God, holy and beloved, bowels of mercies, kindness, humbleness of mind, meekness, longsuffering; Forbearing one another, and forgiving one another, if any man have a quarrel against any: even as Christ forgave you, so also do ye." Colossians 3:12-13

You might wonder what this verse has to do with little league baseball....well, my Hubby has been preaching on the phone and at meetings regarding it. It doesn't matter if we have friends over or visiting friends.....we can't escape it. Now, before you go and assume that Hubby is a preacher...HE IS NOT........yet.......because what I've been hearing and witnessing with all the compassion and LOUDNESS that he has been speaking with.....well, let's just say....HAS FLOORED ME! Because this is coming from a guy who used to call me back in the day and I had to ask repeatedly for him to SPEAK UP or else I was going to hang up. I'm a softie like that:) This new phone etiquette, he has adopted, is more like me.....and that is LOUD! I've trained him well:) lol!!!!!!!!!!!! But sometimes when we are passionate about something we tend to step outside the box. Hubby you have passed stepping outside your flat hurdled it:)

To make a very looooong story short.....the league that we have been a part of for over 50 years, just busted up. Over what.......more games, winning, less rules, lose friendships. It's just not worth it. Sometimes we forget just what this is all about.....the kids! The guys in our community are trying to do what is fair and right for the kids. As a community, I hope we will back them up and support what they are trying to rebuild. There will be some changes....dare I say, "DRAFT!" Yikes....makes we want to bite my nails, and I haven't done that since I was a young girl and Mom sitting on my hand trying to make me quit the bad habit:)

Forgiveness is not always easy, but Christ set the perfect example of how we should forgive. As we go forward in trying to rebuild, I hope that forbearing one another will be forefront in our minds. Forgiveness produces positive results! The kids are watching! What an example we could set if we truly forgive and spread all the mercy, kindness, humbleness, meekness and longsuffering we could. I call that...BROTHERLY LOVE!

And no, Hubby did not pay me to post this.....I just felt like I needed to vindicate him somehow, before word spread that he was now a traveling!!!!...who was preaching the gospel on the rules of the little league in all the highways and byways...which....... in his current state of mind....would not surprise me one bit:) Lord help me!

Enough soap box for one day, don't ya think?



Thursday, February 21, 2008

Psych 101

I've got to begin with some humor.....I've been waaaay tooooo depressing and depressed myself. Thanks to Mawmaw she gave me a good shot in the arm of the funnies! By no way am I making light of the situation with her, because my heart aches for her and the circumstances that is surrounding her, but she is so comical at times and I love the fact that she's still got it!! She had to undergo a psychological evaluation this week due to her dementia. The lady asked her to write down this sentence: "My dog ran away." You think that Mawmaw was going to let this lady outwit her....not by a long shot:) Mawmaw wrote: "I do not have a dog." lol!!!!!!!!!! Gotta love her!!!! We have been laughing with her this know sometimes in bad just have to. Please pray for her. She is in the hospital now with an infection, and for her in the days ahead as decisions have to be made regarding her care.

I'm back home from the hospital and want to update on Mom. To make a very looooong story, short, the jist of it is this:

-Mom's home now
-She returns Monday for a check-up
-She passed all the tests!!!! Praise be to God!!!
-She is on the transplant list.....we are all on call 24/7
-In 2 weeks she will have a Ventricular Assist Device (VAD)....due to the stage of heart failure she is in....this device must be in to help her heart supply blood to all organs before organ failure begins.
-If she were to get a match before this VAD is in, then they would do the transplant and not the VAD
-Her antibody/RH factor is going to be hard to match, thus the reason for the VAD...this may be a loooong wait and she doesn't have much time without any assistance
-After the VAD surgery she will have up to a 3-4 week stay in the hospital...this (VAD) is OPEN HEART SURGERY
-After the VAD surgery she will have to wait 3-4 months before she could receive a heart, due to recovery time from the VAD

I hope I didn't make this clear as is so overwhelming and so many details that I had to come straight home and write it all down before I forgot a detail. We are just PRAISING THE LORD for answering our prayers thus far. He has a perfect plan!

Mom asked me to thank each of you for your prayers...she felt every one! It has been a tough week for her and Dad, but we sometimes have to go through the valleys before we reach the mountain top! And I know that Mom will reach that mountain top and be able to look back and see just what God brought her through to get there. What a sight to behold it's going to be!! She asks that you remember her in the coming weeks and pray for God's will to be done.

Love you all.....


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Go Girls!!

I felt all alone in this small town tonight! It is somewhat a ghost town....since the girls basketball team is playing in the sub-state rounds about 2 hours down the road. I just got a call from the Hubby, he and the boys are there, and THEY WON!!! They will play again Friday night. Good Luck Girls!! This hasn't happened since 1986, when we won the state championship. I was fortunate enough to have played some with that team and I wish our girls the best! It's a chance in a lifetime!!

Quick update on Mom: I talked with her this evening and she is very homesick and tired of the hospital. Tomorrow should prove to be interesting...since the docs are going to decide whether or not they are going ahead now with the artificial pump. If they decide to, then she will have to stay another couple of weeks. Seems like everytime I talk with her, the plans change. At least her lungs, which were a bit of a concern for them, are better. Apparently the fluid and pneomonia had taken a toll on them. I appreciate all the kind words, prayers, thoughts, and calls we've been receiving. This is what gets us through. Maybe after she gets home, things will calm down some and I won't be so depressing to read. Thanks for bearing with me:) I plan to go visit tomorrow and hopefully be there when the docs give the reports.

Love to all.....


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Flight

If you want to be on.

The picture above is from my Mom's den. You know son #1, that I complain about losing things....btw....last night at bedtime we started the game again of lost and found....billfold it's found:) Dad wanted to join the fun and asked this morning where his belt was? Whaaaaat? Not you too! I found it among the rubble in the closet:)

Okay back to the pic above....even though son #1 likes to irritate me sometimes, he can be a sweetie pie....he and son #2 wanted to buy something for Mom (Mawmaw), and this is what he bought. I asked him why a jet...and he replied, "because Mawmaw rode on a jet from the hospital to another hospital and that's when God healed her." Be still my heart! And guess where Mawmaw placed it....yep...right on top of her mantle. It's been there since Nov. 2006 and probably will stay there from now on.

I read an excerpt from the hospital's web page about a man who received a heart transplant and is now flying his own personal aircraft again!! What obstacles he had to overcome to get his liscense. But he did it. He received his heart at the same hospital where my Mom is right now. He was at the point of death and now is flying high!! As soon as I was watching the video clip and reading his autobiography......the jet on Mawmaw's mantle came to my mind. The difference between him and my Mom is she flew that one time and she hopes it will be her last, she doesn't like to fly. But I'm praying that Mom's "flight" will be back home enjoying what she loves best: taking care of others and her grandkids.

I just got off the phone with my sis-n-law, and after a day of tests....the doc comes in and says that since Mom had 5 pregnancies, her body has built up an antibody....which will make it harder to find a donor match. If she should get worse before they found a artificial pump will be inserted to support her until one is found. We also found out today that she has a touch of pneomonia. So a few setbacks....but I'm not going to give up...although....right now I have this huge lump in my throat.

I know that what God did for Mom on the flight that son #1 rememered.....HE CAN DO AGAIN!!!

"But he was wonded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed." Isaiah 53:5

No matter what may come.....Jesus has overcome the world!

Pray on........


Monday, February 18, 2008

Update on Mom

After a very long wait to hear from my parents.....they FINALLY called this evening. To their defense...cell phone trouble. I'll forgive them...this time:) Boy it was good to hear her voice. She has been admitted to the hospital and will have to undergo the rest of the evaluation tests while in the hospital and not as an out-patient as they had planned. Mom's fluid was worse, so they needed to take care of that through IV. She insisted she was fine:) and we need not worry......yeah right Mom....we won't! Dad is with her and will be able to stay in her room with her.

Thanks for all the prayers!! Keep them going....please!

Love ya,


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Don't Set In My Pew

J and M on "Mawmaw's Pew"

Or should I say....don't set in Mawmaw's pew. You know what I'm talking about, you know the secret code of church members who have set in the same spot forever. It's funny how we are creatures of habit. I just wonder what would happen if we all swapped seats for a Sunday:)? Could pose to be an interesting service. I'm game:) I think a good stirring up would do us some good!

Mom didn't feel good today and couldn't go to church and when grandson M came running up to HER PEW...he stopped in his tracks! He had the strangest look on his where is she and why are you sitting in her seat? Hubby grabbed him and we tried to entertain him! But, to no avail. He knew things were not right....that's pretty clever for a 2 year old. Don't we form these habits early or what? I'm with you M, I felt a little lost today too. I sit on Mawmaw's pew, and I felt weird to be sitting in her spot. I missed her. I noticed how M kept searching for her during church. As I sat there, I began to see just what a testimony it is for us to fill our pews. I'm talking about all of us Christians. What a witness to our loved ones, friends, neighbors, the lost, etc. A simple thing of just coming to church. You don't even have to say a word, teach, sing, get my driff. Just physically attend church every time the door is open. What an impact we can make as Christians. People watch. People know. I'm not saying other services aren't important....we are commissioned to spread the Word.....I'm just saying if you think God can't use us, in what we think doesn't really matter or makes an impact on anyone...we are wrong! Little M knows that Mawmaw goes to church and I know that will follow him the rest of his life. LITTLE IS MUCH WHEN GOD IS IN IT!!!!

I just got home from visiting with Mom, one more time, before they leave tomorrow, and I know she feels the love and prayers that is radiating from this community. She had a couple of care packages brought to her yesterday, that really meant a lot to her. Thanks C and the T's! You brightened her day! Thank you all for letting me share this time in our lives with you! You all mean so much to me and my family and we will forever be grateful! We love you all sooooo much!

P.S. Mom would want me to add that if you should ever visit our church, or are a member....she would love for you to set in her pew. There would be no hard feelings:) lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008


That's all I can say for the day and week for that matter!

Today was the dreadful "FAMILY PICTURE DAY!" Why is that so? I guess it's because of all the hassle it takes to get 3 guys and a gal gussied up and ON TIME to said appointment. Things went pretty good....which was a surprise to me! I guess the threatening worked:) Just kidding!! It had been 6 years since our church had updated our directory, so waaaay past due! Plus, it was a good excuse for us to get our family portrait.....being that son #2 was let's say about 2 years old on the last one. I'm telling you that is how bad I dreaded it! I'm so proud it's done and we can look back at it in years to come and critic the hair and clothes. Should make for a good laugh!!

Changing the subject a bit....I wanted to update on some previous prayer requests:

1) Mom-n-law got a good report on her heart tests and what seemed to point to the heart, may in fact be reflux. Good news there! Not making light of reflux...I know that is bothersome!

2) Mawmaw is doing okay. The guys got her a hospital bed put up today, which should help keep her in the bed and make things easier and safer for her. There are some decisions that will have to be made in the upcoming weeks ahead, so continue to pray for my Aunt and Mom. When the rolls reverses, with children taking care of their parents, it gets tough!

3) Mom leaves for the hospital on Monday. We are dreading this for her and she is so scared. She has a lot of emotions, with herself and Mawmaw, so please pray for her this coming week. We should know on Thursday whether or not she is still a candidate for the heart transplant. She is currently on the transplant list, but since it has been over a year since her last tests, some have to be updated. Please pray for her and Dad's safety as they travel to the hospital and their stay there this coming week. Pray for strength, courage, peace and patience to be ever present in her mind and body, and that she WILL BE A PERFECT CANDIDATE FOR A HEART TRANSPLANT!!!!

Other than all that....things are okay!

Good night and God Bless!!


Friday, February 15, 2008

Lost and Found

Those two words are a constant in our family and I'll get to that in a minute. I need to lead you up to what turned out to be a crazy Valentine's night.......

Our local girl's basketball team was in the sub-regional playoff's last night.......BTW....THEY WON!!! GO GIRLS!!! Knowing my guys like I do, I knew they would be at the game. So, I spend Valentine's night by myself.....after I cooked them some good 'ole fried chicken, gravy and biscuits......and a sock-it-to-me cake!! Don't feel sorry for me....I could have went with them, but much needed house work was awaiting me. And sometimes a Mom just needs some quite time! Which I enjoyed!!

Then they came home:) Here's where the fun begins......Son #1 comes to me and said, "what did you do with my baseball glove?" I reply, "I haven't seen your glove." If you remember, one thing our family is famous for is LOSING THINGS!!!! By this time, he is in panic mode and Mom's fuse gets short! Next thing I know, I'm like a rat on acid, cleaning and searching for a glove! He calls his friend H, who gave me a good laugh last night, thanks H...for making me feel better about myself......and asks if he left his glove in his Mom's car....thanks K for bringing my child home from practice...... I got busy frying that chicken and forgot my child! You always have my back!! But, no glove there. Hubby is one of these that stops and thinks? Not me and son #1, we're tearing the house down looking for it. Hubby goes step by step with son #1 and replays each move he made and determined it must be at the park.

Glove was found this morning.....AT THE PARK! Whew, another LOST AND FOUND episode at the L house! I can't wait for the next one.....wonder what it will be....keys, billfold, glove, shoe, sock, coat, homework, bills, money, retainer, medicine, etc.

I'm glad Jesus stopped my way one day........I was LOST but now I'M FOUND!!! Thank you Jesus!!! Nothing else really matters!! Help me pray for my boys and for their salvation! Pray that I will be the example that I need to be!



Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day Hubby

Remember when?

9-10 Homecoming

Yep....that's me and my hubby! We are one of those couples who have known each other since diapers. You know the kind of married folks that makes you want to puke:) We actually didn't like each other here; or at least I don't think we did. Can you tell by the amount of space between us? lol!!!!!!!!

So if you don't want to hear about our boring love story then you better move on, because it's going to get mushy:) NOT!!!!

Here's how it all began.........Do you like me? Check yes or no. I checked yes and we lived happily ever after. That was in elementary school and HE broke up with me in the 5th grade! And set me up in the 7th-8th grade with some of his friends. Thanks dear! We were like good friends and when my Mom suggested that he might like me like a boyfriend....I said "EEEEWWW Mom, he's my friend"! That was about in the 9th grade. Of course she was right, and the rest is history. Of course, after the romantic proposal, which I'll describe as follows........he comes over to the house in the a.m. on Sat. and I'm still in the bed and he comes in my room and said "get up, we are going to get a ring today". I say "what ring"!

Honey, sweetie pie, you still owe me a proper proposal!

The week of the wedding, I'm on my way home from work and hit head on with a van! I was going very slow as Iwas in a sharp curve and it was a torential rain, so thankfully nothing bad, except I had a cut across my eye and some bruising, ...wish I would have known about the magic concealer back then.....and a totaled car. BTW that's been 17 1/2 years ago!! The week after the wedding, hubby is coming home from work, fell asleep at the wheel, and turned our BORROWED car upside down in a creek! He comes out with a broken nose!! We got off to marriage with a BANG!!

And the honeymoon.....let's just say.....hubby had never seen the ocean I thought I was a widow the first week of marriage, after he sailed off into the sunset WITHOUT ME on an itty bitty sailboat! I told you it wasn't mushy?

I could tell more...but I'll save for a later what I'm really wanting to tell about....he would kill me if I did. I'll give you a hint....let's say hubby was in a bit of a predicament and I came to the rescue:) lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's when he knew that I really loved him!!!

Four years later we had our 1st son, and four years after that, here came son #2! I don't know what we did before we had them......except look and act like fools......see above picture! That is our wedding day pic:) lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I love the boys sooooo much! I love living in the house with you guys.....there is never a dull moment with all the nice smells, loud noises, dirty house, piles of clothes, never ending meals, etc. I wouldn't have it any other way!!!

Anyway, on this Valentine's Day I want to wish my hubby the best and tell him how much I Love Him! I thank God for are a good Christian man who is a great Dad to our boys! They love and adore you too! Thanks for being my friend, all the laughs, and putting up with me when I'm not so lovable! Your my man!

Will you be my Valentine? Check yes or no..........



P.S. Have you barfed yet?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Ya'll are going to get a good laugh over this one! I composed this post on Sat. and thought that I was being smart and all........doing one ahead, but guess what?........when I went to post it put it in date order:) lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who knew?....probably all you seasoned bloggers. Oh well consider this post as a field trip or a game of hide and've got to look for it:) Yeah, this should be an example of Blogging Bloopers!

So if you want to see WHAT WORKS FOR ME.......please scroll down to Sat., Feb. 9th! You don't want to miss it! Really!


Update: Thanks to Jendeis I'll have no more hide-n-seek for you......I know how upset you must be...booo whooo!! She so graciously aided me in the direction of the "Post Options" tab at the bottom of the editing screen.....duh.....
Thanks again Jendeis for helping me out!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Need I say more?

Well, I will!

Hubby and I did our annual sit down, go through stacks of receipts, bank statements, you know the drill! Every year we say we are going to do better, but guess what....WE NEVER DO!!!! We vowed AGAIN, that this year is going to be different. Yeah right:) He said he likes it this way.......WHY WOULD ANYBODY WANT TO TORTURE THEMSELVES THIS WAY? We do, apparently. It was a task that couldn't be put off any longer......seeing that our tax appt. was THIS MORNING! Love you....dear;)

As we all make the annual pilgrimage to the infamous tax office or if your the savvy kind and can do it yourself, let's keep in mind that Jesus befriended the "tax collectors" and left in His Word from Matthew 22:19-21 (KJV), "Shew me the tribute money. And they brought unto him a penny. And he saith unto them, Whose is this image and superscription? They say unto him, Caesar's. Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's."

I'm thankful and feel blessed to live in such a wonderful country. Even though I don't always agree on the amount of taxes that are taken and what they are being spent for. I will do my civil duty: vote and pay taxes!!

Now hand over heart and repeat after me:

I Pledge Allegiance

To the Flag

Of the United States of America

And to the Republic

For Which it Stands

One Nation

Under God,


With Liberty

And Justice

For All

God Bless America!


I feel better now:)

Monday, February 11, 2008


For those of you who don't know: pictured from left to right is my cousin M, cousin J, sister C, brother J, me, and seated is Mawmaw and kneeling beside her is sister P!

Today was one of those days when it didn't turn out quiet like you expect. On route to school this morning, I noticed that my Mom's car was at my Mawmaw's house. Which is unusual, because she has sitters for day and night. So, I stopped in to check on things and Mawmaw had fallen yesterday and then again early this morning. She had been walking around and doing okay. But, by the time she was getting up later this morning, she couldn't, or at least not without a lot of pain. So, we called the ambulance to come and take her to the hospital. I went on down to be with her. She doesn't have anything broken, thank you Lord, but she has arthritis and some disc compression in her back, that has been there for sometime. This fall just has aggravated it! She is in pain!

I don't know about you, but I don't get to see my Mawmaw as much as I should. I used to stay with her alot as a child and have always adored her. She is just one of those good 'ole grandmothers who will love you to death with food! I'll never forget all the homemade gravy and biscuits! What funny stories and songs she can tell! She is another giver and not a taker, hince my Mom:) She worried all day about paying me for gas, food, my time:) Like Mother like daughter! Those two are a pair:) Mawmaw and I did some good catching up today, as much as she could. Mawmaw has severe dementia. She cannot remember what happened 1 mintue ago, but can still remember my name, kids, hubby, and her b-day, which she told several times today, 9-30-20. It's strange how our brains work with this horrible disease. As I set there and reminded her for the 100th time why she was at the hospital, I grieved inside for the women that I used to know. She is now back home and resting comfortably with her pain medicine. Please pray for her pain to lesson, and for my Aunt and Mom as they try to take care of her. They are doing such a great job at that!! No pun intended you two! You are doing the best you can under the circumstances. Things just happen, don't beat yourself up!

It's funny how things work out. Normally I would have been at work this morning, but since son #2 has been sick, he cannot go back to school until tommorrow, I was able to help today. BTW he is much better! Thank you Lord! God has a plan for everything and as unfortunate as it was for Mawmaw, it gave me an opportunity to spend some quality time with her!

We love you Mawmaw!!


P.S. Mawmaw had a hand in naming me, and she says it waaaaay different than I do. It's like caaaarey! Short a:) Also, she has always tried to get me to buy petite clothes.....I'm 5'10":) Gotta love her and her since of humor:)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dear Mom

As I write you this letter, the hubby and son#1 have left for church. I'm staying with son#2, who has had the flu since Thursday. He is better...thank you Lord! However, he is still considered contagious. I pray that you will have a good service and that the Lord will give you peace. Staying home with a sick child, has allowed me to have some quiet time and time of remembrance. I think back to all the times you took care of us four kids. You have devoted your whole life to us, Dad, the church, and all extended family and friends. You are a stay-at-home Mother who would greet me everyday after school with some good 'ole home cooked cookies or treat. I'll never forget what you have done for me, nor could I ever thank you enough. I don't know how you did it....raising 4 kids, taking care of the house, running errands, helping Dad on the farm and seeing to everyone's else's needs. You would just die, if you knew that I was telling everybody this, but this blogging is really good, cheap therapy;) Sometimes it just helps to write it all down. These are just some things that I want you to know.

I was up until 2 am this morning watching a Hallmark movie and bawling my eyes out, not only about the movie, but also about you. My heart breaks for you. I wish I could take all of this away, that I could take your place. But, just like in the movie, God has a plan, His Will, for your life, my life, and who are we to question it? We are human, and with that sinful nature; doubt, worry, anger, etc., sometimes gets the best of us. I want you to be able to get a new heart and feel good again. I feel selfish for asking so much of you. And my heart breaks for the life that will be lost in order for you to live. I know this is that person's wish, but it still hurts me to the core for that family. I know you have the same feelings. I wish that I had all the right words to say. When I was little you seemed to know exactly what to say when I was hurting, and you still do. It seems strange for us kids to be on the giving end where you are concerned. This too, is another challenge for you. You never want to be the center of attention and definitely not on the receiving end of anything. I want you to see, that it's your turn. We need you so much!

The movie ended like it began, with the preacher telling the love of his life, whom he never got to spend it with, that he promised her that they would accept the Will Of matter what.....and they did! It wasn't easy, great pain abounded in their lives, but what blessings they received, even through the midst of their tribulations. Lives were touched! They ministered to others! Isn't that what it's all about? Yes, I know it is. So when doubt, confusion, anger, frustration, and the why's come....I will stand proclaiming....

"Though none go with me, I will follow, No turning back, No turning back"!

When I awoke this morning, I felt like maybe I had dreamed it all. The movie ministered to me in such a way and at the most needed time. Ain't God Good!! Here's the kicker: Mom you were the one who called me to tell me about another movie you were watching on the same channel, the one before the one I watched that helped me see God's Writing on the Wall! Goose bumps! Again, you were the one helping me and you didn't even know it!

Thanks Mom!

I Love You!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday!

Here is a tip that Sister P had to remind me of, on a previous post, titled Stress Busters. It is something that I do daily to hide dark circles, and duhh why not on hickeys:) Remember from a hair cut:)

As we were visiting our Clinique counter at the mall, an associate laid on us the greatest beauty secret EVER!! I have these dark circles under my eyes and have not been able to successfully mask them until now! Hang in here with me as I try to demonstrate how to apply the following:

You will need the following items in YOUR MAKEUP basket:
1. Red Lipstick
2. Concealer
3. Concealer Brush
4. Eye Cream (not pictured)

After all makeup has been applied, eyeshadow, liner, etc., follow these 2 steps:
1. Use a concealer brush and apply red lipstick, yes red lipstick! Not too heavy just enough so when you look in the mirror, you look like a monster. Be sure to just cover the dark circles and in the corners of the eyes, wherever darkness abounds:)
2. Then, apply the concealer on top of the lipstick. I dab my brush into my eye cream, then mix it with a little of the concealer, this makes it a little creamy and easier to apply.

My Shopping Directory:
Red lipstick pictured above is Clinique Color Surge Butier Shine Lipstick in Apple Brandy; Concealer is Clinique All About Eyes Concealer in Light Natural; Concealer Brush is Clinique; Eye Cream (not pictured) is Clinique All About Eyes Cream.

I think I need to work for Clinique!

Works for me!!
Please forgive me for not posting this WFMW thing correctly! I need to enroll in Blogging 101. Somebody is going to have to sit down with me and show me how to actually get these pictures of links to actually work when you click on them:) I had to add the web address below my donating buttons because they don't work.
Happy Concealing!!

I Love A Good Challenge!

I don't know about you, but at my house, anytime we are leaving the house to go somewhere or getting ready for bed, 2 things happen: they start looking for something or start a new project! Grrrrrrrrrr! So, being the challenged person that I am, I join in for the fun:)

Hubby comes home yesterday with the Boat Certification Manual for our state. Did you catch the phrase...... HE BROUGHT IT HOME...HIS IDEA, remember that part for later. I could see the lightbulb look come on in son #1. Being that he is now the legal age to get his boating license, the challenge was on. Of course like most men, I found hubby and son #1 glued to the computer taking this online test. I asked if either of them had read the manual.....No Mom...we don't need to read it. Dad has his license already. Remember HIS IDEA part, I guess he picked it up just to get the online address? I said, "hum, let's see...I think that has been several years ago". I set back and watch and try to start looking up answers in the manual for them, seeing that they were stumped on a!!!!!! They finish the 60 questionnaire and would you believe it......THEY FAILED IT!!:) Surprise, Surprise:) By now it's way past our bedtime.

Here's where the competitor part of me begins: I take the stupid manual to bed with me and read it. Hubby said, "are you really going to read that thing"? I said, "Of course dear"! He said, "we'll just take it a few times and we'll pass it eventually"! I said, "Sure dear, whatever dear".

Guess what I did this morning? Yep, I took the online 60 question test and PASSED IT!!! I ONLY MISSED 2! Being the cheating, loving, kind of Mom that I am....I took another test for my son #1! Shame on me I know....but son #1 will have to pass Mom's questionnaire and it won't be as EASY as the online test, before he will receive his license! I will justify the cheat that way! I really do teach my children NOT TO CHEAT, so don't condemn me just yet! I hope that no one who is a Marine Police or related to one will turn me in:/ We teach our kids safety first....ALWAYS!

Now that I have my boating license, I guess my guys will have to take me with them more often, on their fishing and hunting excursions:)!!!!!!! Next time they will think twice before disregarding a manual....I hope for anything including, but not limited to: directions, assembling something, etc. MEN!!! You Gotta Love 'em!

Go Mom's!!

BTW....cabin fever is beginning to set in:)

Friday, February 8, 2008

Stress Busters

Remind yourself that you are not the general manager of the universe!

Here is a list of some helpful hints that I read on an email this morning to help with STRESS!

1. Pray

2. Read the Bible.

3. Get up on time so you can start the day unrushed. (Mom you did a crazy thing today:)

4. Go to bed on time so you can do #3.

5. Delegate tasks to capable others.

6. Simplify and unclutter your life.

7. Less is more.

8. Pace yourself.

9. Take one day at a time.

10. Separate worries from concerns.

11. Live within your budget.

12. Have backups. (keys:)

13. Laugh!

14. Laugh some more!

15. Sit on your ego.

16. Talk less, Listen more! (KMS...Keep Mouth Shut)

17. Rest.

18. Slow down.

19. Be kind.

20. Get organized.

21. Quiet time.

22. It's okay to say NO!

Sounds easy, right? NOT! But it reminded me of WHY I'm so STRESSED, since I'm not doing nearly all the above! Which leads me to what's STRESSING me now! I went for a haircut and color last night....yes I left my sick child at home...with his Dad. And I beat myself up for it all the way to and from. BTW he is some better today, thanks for your prayers! Anyway, when I got home my hubby who never notices little details, proclaimed..."you've got a hickey:)" lol!!!!!!! Go ahead....gasp.....and laugh....and breathe! No, it was not from mad passionate who has time and feels like I hear an Amen from my sisters? hairdresser shaved my neck. She is a great hairdresser, it's just that I have sensitive skin. I looked in the mirror and yes....IT LOOKS LIKE I HAVE A HICKEY! Hubby is walking around all proud like and aggravating the hound out of me:) So, now consider yourself family, since I've shared all that. Really is from a haircut! I guess that's what I get for going. Hopefully by the time I venture out again, oh let's say next month, IT will be gone! Does anybody have a quick remedy for Hickeys? Besides wearing a turtleneck:) Please do tell!!


Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mom.....You Did A Crazy Thing Today!

Update: Back from the Dr. and guess what......HE HAS THE FLU....POSITIVE FOR THE FLU!!! I need a whipping for not making time to get me and the kids a flu shot. Hubby got one at work, so he is the only smart one in the bunch. Yea, you know it hunney!!

I feel so bad for him...he is one sick little boy. I wish I could make it go away for him. We will be the first in line next year for the flu better believe it!!

Hubby called me from the orthodonist with the other son...."Hey Momma (that's me), which Dr. would you like son #1 to go to for his wisdom teeth to be cut out?" Whaaaaaaaaatttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!

Please pray for my son to get well soon and please pray for me to keep my sanity. The son with the flu reminded me while I was writing the check to pay the Dr., to make sure I didn't write it out to the church:)

BTW.....the flu is, brother, and friend T and her child all have it!

Pray that Spring comes quick and we can GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE!!

K.T.....if you are reading this today.....I need a raincheck on Sat.:(


That's the first sentence out of son #2, after coming home from school yesterday! Not, hey Mom, I love, it was Mom you did a crazy thing today:) And he was justified in saying just that. Keeping up with things, especially keys....the T's will say amen to not my speciality. Now I can add to the list.....keeping lunch money for my children to the, "not keeping up pile:)". Son #2 told me on Tues. that he needed lunch money. He reminded me again Wed. morning as the bus was coming in the driveway to pick them up. I am a speed demon, at least I have one strong suit, and I quick wrote a check for the said lunch $$. Yes!! Supermom....writes a check in no time flat! I sigh with relief, the kids get on the bus and all is well for another day. Yeah right! NOT!!!!

I MADE THE CHECK PAYABLE TO: C. G. BAPTIST CHURCH!! For crying out loud people.....what is wrong with me? At least I had church on the brain...surely that counts for something. I even wrote his lunch # on the memo line of the check!!! The smart kid that #2 is, can I take credit for that...maybe....I need something to be proud I guess not after this......anyway, he caught Mommy's mistake and just brought the check back home. Thank you Son, I will forever be indebited to you! Sweetie!! Darling!! Pumpkin!!! He did get to eat lunch....he know's big brothers lunch #.....did I tell you how smart he was:) lol!!!!!!! Now, son #1 is going to be short a lunch, and he will be hollering at me in a few days, as the bus is coming down the drive, and we start all over again! I hope he remembers to proof the check before handing it to the lunch lady!

Son #2 woke up with a fever, sore throat, and cough this morning. I don't know about you...but I'm ready for SPRING! He had the first cousin to the flu and missed a week of school before Christmas, and son #1 had the flu the week after Christmas! I feel so sorry for them when they are sick. All son #2 kept saying this morning was that he was going to miss the youth duck hunt this weekend. I'll save the details on these extravaganzas for a later date!! Everyone needs to know about duck hunting!

Off to the doctor we go today! I hope it is something that can be fixed speedy quick....if not, son #2 is going to be one saaaaaaaad little boy!

Enough of my rantings!!

Love to all,


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wake Up Call

Whenever the phone rings at an unusual time....I begin to panic! My neighbor and friend S, called me this morning with the news that a tornado was heading our way and for us to take cover. Thanks S for thinking of us!! I immediately woke hubby and kids up and we jumped in our clothes and headed striaght for my parent's basement! I made several calls to siblings and friend K to make sure everyone was aware. I wished our little town had a siren! Several years ago, when hubby and I lived next to our church, no kids yet, a tornado came through one Sunday morning and blew our church away. Hubby and I anchored down in a itty bitty closet, which is no easy feat for us two giraffes, and rode it out. Next door, my sister C, her hubby and dog-Tucker, squeezed in their shower! It was the strangest thing I've ever been through. Daylight turned to complete darkness within seconds and the loudest "train" noise you've ever heard. We were screaming at each other in that little closet and couldn't hear one another. God was wathcing over us. Complete destruction all around us, but those little houses still stood! It came through before church services began, so no one was there. So anytime we hear "tornado", we take it serious!

After the 2 hour delay for school, and I get to work, I receive an email from my sis-n-law that read this: "The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you." "When God takes something from your grasp; He's not punishing you, but merely opening your hands to receive something better."

We had a small church and now we have a new beautiful church that holds our larger congregation. See what God took from us that day, turned out to be a blessing! We were sad for the loss of our church, the one we grew up in and got married in, but that little church would have never held our congregation we have now. Sure, we could have built another or added on, but we had so much help financial wise through donations, free labor, disaster loan, that we were able to pay for this new church very quickly. God has truly blessed us!! Thank you God!!

I said all that to say this: this morning was a flash back to that day. I feel for those communities that were hit today. Two communities that are within 20 miles of my house, have been affected greatly by this tornado. Lives have been lost, homes destroyed, farms destroyed, utter destruction. Please remember these families in your prayers. I thought the statement was very timely this morning, because we know that God's Grace Is Sufficient for our every need. These people are in great need and I pray for God's loving arm to surround them!

People, we need to be ready!

Love to all,


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Update on Prayer Requests

I just got a call from my Mom. She received a call from B'ham today. They are wanting her to be getting some records, tests, etc. together before she comes to them on the 18th of this month. She will need to prepare to stay for a few days for some tests that have to be run before she can get a transplant. She had these tests done in 2006, but some need to be updated. So it looks like the ball is beginning to roll. She is doing don't think she is not...because Mom is ALWAYS fine! Sisters, you know what I'm talking about:) Mom thinks I'm portraying her as this deathly sick person and everyone is coming up to her asking how she is, thinking she is fixing to die. You have to know my Mom....that's why she is still with us...she is one tough lady and God smiled on her! This does not mean that she is worse, it is just another step towards getting a transplant. There is no telling how long this process will take. Pray for us! We love you Mom!!!

As far as Dad is concerned, he got his stitches removed on Monday of this week. It was maglinant, but they feel sure they got it all. No treatments will be necessary, just to keep a check on it, is all that is required. He is just trying to get over a bad case of the crud now, and he should be good as new! I hope so....because we need you Dad!

Thanks for all your prayers and support!!


Monday, February 4, 2008

Church Escapades

My Prince!
My Princess!

Webster defines escapade as "playful behavior". That describes these two angels to a tee:) They are my niece and nephew. I love them to pieces. Aren't they just the cutest things! So you ask, what does church escapades have to do with these two? Well, where do I begin? Let me just say...if we all went to church with as much enthusiasm as these two do...there is no telling what kind of revival would break out. They LOVE church! At our small country church we are blessed with lots of children. I love to see them all run up to the stage to perform for the church as they sing to the Lord. Don't you know how much he loves these little ones. They are truly a blessing. No pun intended!
So let me get to the funny part.....these two have some dancing genes let me tell you. Nephew decides it's time to...well I'm not sure what happened...all I know is he tumbled down a few steps and my sister C, being the stand-in choir director for them, picks him back up and proceeds to place (throw) him back on the stage while she is dancing around her long skirt trying to keep her balance and lo and behold, he tumbles AGAIN! Need I say more? lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!
BTW....all the LOL's is the congregation:) I had some people behind me asking was that sister C that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sister P plays the piano for them and she quits playing because she's laughing hysterically. After they manage to finish singing, nephew makes it down the steps, all the while he is holding his hand over his head like he is in a daze and then lays his head down in our Pastor's lap. Our Pastor hands out Smarties after they finish singing every Sunday to each kid. Naturally nephew would stop by there first....he's got the goods! After receiving his prize he stands dazed in the aisle, then finds Mawmaw and gets some loving.
I'm telling you these two are a mess! They are 17? months apart. So my brother and sis-n-law have their hands full. Hang in there......they will be grown before you know it! I love you all dearly!!!
You never know from Sunday to Sunday which one of the kids at church are going to make us laugh or smile. What lessons we can learn from humble ourselves before Him and praise his Holy Name with song and dance!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Happy Birthday!

My niece and her new softball glove at her Birthday Party!

Today we went to my sister P's house for a birthday bash for my niece. She will turn 9 next week. It's hard to believe that she is 9. My sister's and I were all pregnant at the same time 9 years ago. I had my #2, then came my niece, then came my nephew...all within 8 months. Needless to say my Mom was a little overwhelmed. She had 4 children, all natural, with no problemo, and here she had 3 girls that couldn't birth without some kind of complication and all c-sections. We managed to survive all that and are having a good time raising them. They are more like siblings than cousins. We all live within a 5 mile radius which makes that possible. I am very thankful for that.

Okay back to the b-day bash.....she had this wonderful spread of itlaian food!! We ate like pigs and enjoyed the fellowship with the family! Oh how I love b-day's! My niece had a football know it is SuperBowl Sunday. She is all about sports. Yet, on the other hand she loves to get all girly up too! She received loads of $$ and other gifts. I don't know about you, but kids these days have more $$ than I can ever remember receiving. When I'm out of cash....I just hit the wallett of son #2, if for some sort of reason he's out..which is not likely...he's my saver...then #1 should have some hid somewhere. No I don't steal, I ask permission first, then I leave an IOU. Like they are going to let me forget....NOT!!! Anyway she had a good party and we had loads of fun.

So Happy Birthday J! I hope you have a great year! Aunt Carrie loves you!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Fishy Dish

Okay, let me start by saying that my 13 year old has a nose like a blood hound. He will not drink from a cup, eat from a plate or utensil, if it smells like a fish! Come on now, you know what I'm talking about...or at least I hope you do. What makes that smell!! Or am I the only one with the problem. It doesn't always happen. But occasionally I can unload, excuse me, when hubby unloads the dishwasher....another story for another day:)....and the dishes have this funky fish smell. No kidding! I'm thinking that it is from throwing more dishes in while it is already in wash mode. Yes dear...I have caught you doing that. Believe me it is becoming an issue around here. I haven't changed dishwasher tabs or anything. I even clean the thing every now and then. So what's up?

If you have any suggestions or can relate, don't be afraid to let it be known. I need some help! My #13 is having to hold his nose to even drink his favorite chocolate milk. BTW it is the best chocolate milk on the planet. Gran has spoiled my kids with this holy milk. They are addicted to it. Next time you are at Ingles, stop in and pick you up some Organic Valley Chocolate Reduced Fat Milk. You did notice the reduced fat part:) Anything reduced fat must be good for you.

Gotta go...son #2 has some friends over tonight.....5 to be wait, 2 went I should have 3 now....I hope! Need I say more:) And yes Lisa, I've already bandaged one hand tonight. No ER visit required...yet:/.