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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thankful for......

I almost forgot how to login to this here blog.

Lot's happening around here.

Do you ever get a good stirring up, like God is trying to get your attention? Yep, me too! Today was that day. On the way to work, I almost, I'm talking within a hair, of getting hit by a semi and a suv. I'm still shaking as I type. I was able to miss all the action by hitting the ditch. I'm fine and car is too. Like I care about the car, cause believe me I don't. I say that to say this. The lady in front of me that was hit, and I dodged, was really concerned about her SUV. She repeated a couple of times, "oh my truck." I told her that was only material and can be fixed and that she was a very blessed lady for being able to walk around. She was slammed by this semi and walked away. We had to get her out on the passenger side and there was smoke coming from the steering wheel. I say, "thank you God!" It's sad how important stuff can become a part of our lives.

Needless to say my heart is full...spiritually speaking! I hate that the accident happened, but it was such an awakening to me. Life is short. We all know that, but how much more I appreciate the busy, hectic life I live. Yes, I love it! There, I said it!! If you ever catch me complaining again about it, remind me of what I just said.

Changing gears here..

To those of you who are wondering about Mom, she is doing good. She had another pic line put in a couple of weeks ago. This was a miracle in itself, being that they told her the last one they put in, would be the last. It's amazing what God can do. We thought she would get a port in, but this cannot happen for various reasons. So, for now it's gonna be pic lines. Keep her in your prayers!

Going all over the place here with this post. Please bear with me.

What can I say about those Hornets!! Are we doing some major stinging or what? These young men have made HISTORY in our town. We are in the 3rd round of the STATE PLAYOFFS for the first time in our school's football history!!!! To say I'm PROUD of them is an understatement. I'm get plum weepy every time I think about it or read about it! I'm so thankful son #1 has had the privilege to be a part of this very exciting time. This team's success is long overdue. A direct result of the hard work and dedication from the coaches and players! We are behind you HORNETS!! Thanks for all you do and have done! We love to watch you play! Guess that's a wee bit obvious;-) Sorry, we get a little! I think I've totally embarrassed son #1! He may never be the!

This Thanksgiving season, I'm gonna have a little more to be Thankful for!

Love and prayers,