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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

20 Years From Now...

This is the topic for scribbits March's Write-Away Contest. I thought, why not give it a whirl? Writer I AM NOT, but I remember how challenging it was in Mr. C's English class in high school, where he would write an idea on the board and we would have the class time to write our thesis. I never thought I would even say that, but I love a good challenge. Especially now that I can't remember to put the chicken in the refrigerator:) My mind needs all the exercise it can get! lol!!!!!!!!! So this is "my point of view, my dream" of where I will be at in my life...20 years from now, God willing!

So here goes nothing:

March 5th, 2028

Dear Journal,

As I set here this morning, I'm taken back to the time in my life that, as I look back now, was a time of much prayer and thanksgiving. My Mom was awaiting a heart transplant. It was a journey to such low lows and the most spiritual highs that one could imagine. The emotional toil of sorrow, worry, grief and pain, paled in comparison to the joy that came every morning as Jesus revealed his glory in each beautiful dawn he extended to Mom. He kept her in his arms of love, giving hope and promise for a brighter day. He surrounded us with loving, caring friends and family, that rallied around us through it all.

On those long nights as I prayed and cried myself to sleep, I wondered how He would have worked it all out. Twenty years later, I'm looking back and thanking Him again today for what he did. I can see now how it was all according to His Perfect Plan. I will never forget what he did for Mom back then.

That was twenty years ago. I was 36 years old and raising two boys. It seemed like my life was crashing down on me. I could not concentrate on any one thing long enough to accomplish the task before me or even finish a thought. My mind was constantly bouncing off all points; what for supper, did I pay the electric bill, what time is practice over, when is the next game, study for upcoming lesson, visit Grandmother, how is Mom, time for hubby, spend time with kids, did I wash the sheets last week, orthodontist appointments, do I have my hormone patch on, the list went on and on. I can look back now and smile and laugh. Wouldn't I do it all again? Yes, I'm sure of it.

The kids are grown and have families all their own. I get to spoil the grandchildren and send them home. Now that the nest is empty, we fill our time with planning vacations, gardening and volunteering wherever needed. It is also a period of transition for me. Time has come where the parent/child roll reverses. Although it is not an easy task, it is one that comes with a sense of pride and honor. It's time to return the love and care that was bestowed upon me as a child. I count it a privilege to care for our parents.

I need to close for now, as I'm meeting my sisters, family and friends for some last minute plans on Mom's 20th Birthday Celebration!


P.S. Wonder what the next 20 years will bring? I can't wait to find out!


Deedra said...

This is such a great idea! You should print this out and stash it somewhere so you can read it in 20 or so years!

K. Tilley said...

You forgot to note that in 20 years you would also be an "Author" This is great work!!!

Scribbit said...

Love the optimism--I tend to feel the same way, that things will just get better and picture grandkids and fun days to come.