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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Jacob's Ladder


Genesis 28:11-19-This passage describes Jacob's vision during his flight from his brother Esau.

I've been singing this song for two days. Can't get it off my mind. It's on a CD that my friend CB shared with us 6 girls that are trying to sing as a group, that S named, "Generations". That is quite comical in itself...because #1, we only sing at church, and no Hubby not at the Quarterback Gospel Singing, like you said we would, and there is actually 3 generations. Ask first mister! We do have a lot of fun practicing, which is not often, but we all love to sing. Anyway, a song we are trying to learn was on this B Family CD. They all sing so good. We can't hold a candle to them, but we love to try. Maybe everybody will just listen to the words, and not us, because we want God to speak through our songs, and for Him to be glorified! The song Jacob's Ladder is on this CD. is not the song we are supposed to be learning, but I hope we will.
With raising children you never know what the next day will bring. Is it going to bring disappointments, sadness, sickness, challenges, pain, etc. ? No matter what may come their in the song.....each day brings us one round higher as we are climbing Jacob's Ladder to our home in the sky. God has his angles hovering all around our children and us!
I wanted to add some pics of the plant, "Jacob's Ladder". I loved the captions written under these plants.

Place Jacob's Ladder in partial shade where the plant will receive some sun. Too much sun and dryness will produce a poorly grown plant with ugly leaves. Keep soil moist and well drained for best results...which is the sky blue bell shaped flowers.
Like the care of the plant, for us to receive the best results in our life...we need to plant ourselves under the shade of God's hands and feed/water our soul's with....... His Word!
This will carry us through our days of child rearing and the rest of our lives. We are soldiers of the cross...and whatever life throws at us.....I'm climbing one round higher each day with my Lord!
Love to all,


K. Tilley said...

Thanks for being a wonderful friend......I feel like your my "Priest"/ "Psycologist" I must confess and get advise weekly in order to survive.....LOL

Thanks for the great post today.....I sure did need it.

Cheryl said...

Does Myra sing with you? I would love to hear you. Do you sing at other churches? I know Myra has a beautiful voice. I love your post today. The part about Jacob's ladder was so good. Thanks so much for that. God Bless~