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Sunday, October 11, 2009

One Month....

That's how long it's been since I've posted on this here blog. Times flies, when you are nursing the sick. Yes, both of the boys have been sick. Son #2 missed a whole week of school a couple of weeks ago and now son #1 has the swine. Son #2 is well and the swine has turned out to not be such a big deal. Of course that's coming from one who hasn't had the headache, fever, chills, aches..etc. All that to say, "Thank you Jesus for watching over them."

This past month has been so full. I have found myself on the verge of who knows what;-) Stressed so that I didn't feel like my skin fit me anymore. Weird I know. But true. I hate that feeling. It's only when I finally let go and let God, that I began to feel peace. I need peace.


Wonderful peace.

Churches have to have it.

People have to have it.

The world needs it.

Why then do we make it so hard to get it, then keep it?

If only we could overlook one another faults/failures and just be. I'm talking to me pointing fingers. God is working with me on this. When you ask Him to reveal your faults, you better be prepared to swallow it. The pastor said a couple of weeks ago about how he hated to deliver some messages that God laid on his heart. He could feel the coldness or avoidance of some who may have taken the message as a slap in the face or you are talking about me, when in reality he was only the messenger having no clue who was the guilty party. And man that really got me good. Guilty. Yes Lord yes.

We just came out of revival this past week. I love revival. I need it. I really needed to hear what this sweet little country sister in Christ had in store for us. She has written 28 songs just this year. The Lord lays them on her heart after hearing a sermon, or maybe a conversation with someone in the grocery store. She is stinking hilarious to boot! One song in particular stepped on my toes it was about being on-line with God. She said she doesn't have internet at home. She and her husband get on-line with God. They sit on their porch and drink their coffee and spend time with God. Ouch!

Which got me to thinking.

What am I doing with my time?

A whole month has passed since my last post and I can't tell you anything significant that I've done for God. And from the first paragraph you read, I have lots to thank Him for. I should be about the Father's business instead of ........ I'm convicted y'all.

I want to be able to keep everyone up to date on Mom. Which btw, she is doing well. She had a little weird thing that happened last week at her monthly appointment. Her pic line had made it's way to her liver. Have you ever? Apparently they measured her line wrong and it was too long. Whatever. Anyway, she is good now.

So...all that to say..... the posts my be few and far between, depending on how Mom is and if any praise or prayer requests need to be addressed.

Until next time....

Love and prayers,