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Thursday, March 6, 2008

I Am A Cold Fish Loafer!

You Are Loafers
You are confident, powerful, and successful.
Hard working and business like, you always dress and act appropriately.

You are consistent and a bit conservative.
You aren't really susceptible to trends, although you always dress well.

While you tend to be formal, you know how to adapt to your surroundings.
So are professional at work... but more laid back when your with your friends.

You should live: In a huge city

You should work: In a competitive field where you can rise to the top
What Kind of Shoe Are You?

Okay...if you really say so? I'm not buying it....but I answered the questions I thought I must be. I thought sure I was a house shoe or flip-flops:) Seeing that I could wear them 24/7!

Go ahead and try....see which shoe fits you!

I took another quiz....romantic quiz.....guess what? It says...and I quote, "You are a hardheaded realist who sees the world pretty much as it is. No room for fantasy--you're practical to a fault. You might be seen as a cold fish when it comes to amorous notions. You're "thing oriented" rather than "people oriented." You may need to thaw out." I resent that! lol!!!!!!!!!!!! I love people!!!!

Ouch!! I think Hubby was on the grading end of that quiz:) lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No more quiz's for me! Just when I thought I was beginning to know myself. Why didn't somebody tell me how FLAT AND COLD I was?



Update: This quiz was from Lisa @ lisawrites. Also, I've highlighted the link to do the quiz. Sorry for the blog blunder:)

Update #2: I'm experiencing technical difficulties, so therefore, you will need to visit lisawrites to do the quiz. Sorry for the inconvience!:) I'm seeing a big red error across the top of the posting page....wonder what I've done now?


Cheryl said...

Oh how neat. I want to try and see what kind of shoe I am but I do not know how. I tried to click on your shoe but it did not work. (are you laughing?) Am I missing something? I may just be having a hormone moment (Kenny says I should have been born a blonde. I want to try it!!! Show me how. I love reading your blog! You have such a way with words. Hope you have a good weekend and do not get snowed in! Love you!

Carrie said...

No, it's me on the line at the bottom of the shoe description that says "What kind of shoe are you" Click on the word "what." I should have highlighted it...sorry:) lol!!!! It's the gray thats messing with my head:) lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!