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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Texting from A to Z
This post is dedicated to me and all you sisters out there who do not understand the new lingo that our children are using! lol!!!!! BTW....KT....hope you are reading "between" the lines today:) lol!!!!!!!!!
Here it goes:
143 -I love you
2G2BT-Too good to be true
2MI-Too much info
404-I don't know
AAF-As a matter of fact
AAK-Asleep at keyboard
ADN-Any day now
ATM-At the moment
B4N-Bye for now
BAK-Back at keyboard
BAU-Business as usual
BB-Be back
BFF-Best friends forever
CUL-See you later
DEGT-Don't even go there
DTS-Don't think so
EMA-E-mail address
F2T-Free to talk
FWIW-For what it's worth
FYEO-For your eyes only
G2CU-Good to see you
G2G-Got to go
GAL-Get a life
GGP-Got to go pee
GIAR-Give it a rest
GN-Good night
GOI-Get over it
GTG-Got to go
GTRM-Going to real mail
H&K-Hugs & kisses
HAND-Have a nice day
HF-Have fun
IC-I see
IDK-I don't know
IDTS-I don't think so
IG2R-I go to run
ILBL8-I'll be late
ILU-I love you
ILY-I love you
IUSS-If you say so
JK-Just kidding
KNIM-Know what I mean?
KPC-Keeping parents clueless
LGH-Let's get high
LOL-Laughing out loud
LYLAS-Love you like a sis
MOS-Mother over shoulder
MYOB-Mind you own business
NBD-No big deal
NMH-Not much here
NOYB-None of your business
OMG-Oh my gosh
POS-Parent over shoulder
PU-That stinks
RME-Rolling me eyes
ROFL-Rolling on floor laughing
SLAP-Sounds like a plan
SUL-See you later
SUP-What's up
TSNF-That's so not fair
TTYL-Talk to you later
TY-Thank you
TNT-Until next time
UV-Unpleasant visual
WDYT-What do you think?
WTG-Way to go
YR-Yeah right
YT-You there?
YBS-You'll be sorry
YW-You're welcome
ZZZZ-Sleeping (or bored)
YW! So much for KPC! NYK!
Did anyone catch the one I just made up:) Hint: it's not on the list!


K. Tilley said...

I feel so highly educated now. I'm sure there's alot more I need to know about the things our kids do......guess I'll learn as I go.....LOL

Cheryl said...

Do you mind if I print this? I am terrible with this new texting lingo! Some things are just so hard to comprehend for us older people! yes, I said that word, OLD. I surely feel it today. Tell P that I missed her at First Place Tuesday. I really enjoyed spending time with all of you on our trip. Have a nice day girlfriend! Love You!