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Friday, April 25, 2008


And I mean rodents! Those pesky, nasty, aggravating things! Last week with the kids home and doing home improvements....I'm afraid the door was gaped open one too many times. Hubby had a bright idea to catch the rat that was hanging out in our duct work. He hangs a rat trap from the vent down into the duct work. Okay, I'll agree he is a genius:)........but this just didn't pan out like he had planned.

After lunch yesterday at work, I was fixing my mouth just right for my new favorite candy bar....DARK SNICKERS.........just as I was getting it out of my new favorite bag......I noticed half of it had been eaten! My first reaction was..."those boys...I'm going to get them"! But a closer look showed evidence of a RAT! I start scrambling in my new bag...and was definitely a RAT!! The give-a-way was the wire I found in my bag that used to be attached to the rat trap hanging from the vent:) lol!!!!!!!!! I know I said you can throw just about anything in the bag....but RAT was not an item I had visioned landing in there! So much for enjoying the snickers...instead I spent the rest of my lunch hour cleaning and sanitizing my bag with lysol!

Scary thought here.......what if that thing rode with me to work and jumped out while I'm traveling down the road.......Not a pretty picture there:) lol!!!!!!!!! All heck would have broke loose in that car:) lol!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait to see the contraption Hubby comes up with next to rid our house of Mickey Mouse....cause ya'll if this rat got out of the booby trap Hubby ain't no ordinary rat!

I'll post a pic when we catch him:) 'Cause I know ya'll want believe me when I tell how big he was:)

UPDATE: So much for the picture......he nabbed him this morning and already disposed of him before I could get the sleepy out of my eyes:) lol!!!!!!!!!!!! At least now I know he ain't in the car, and I can drive with my feet on the floor!




Anonymous said...

Hilarious!! And I know you about freaked when you almost bit into that candy bar!!! I am with you on driving thinking something might crawl up my leg at any moment. Have a great weekend! Thank you for the kind words about our company. Everyone needs to be reassured now and then!

Shaunta said...

LOL I am so glad you saw the candy bar before you took a bite! Tell J he owes you a new one since his contraption didn't work. I am also glad you caught it and it didn't die in your car. Techia had one to do that once...the stench was unbearable.

Love ya!

The Preacher's Wife said...

I'm rolling!! It's bad enough having to share with the kids, but I draw the line at eating after a rat!

Melissa Lea said...

What a hilarious story! I hate rats!!! I can't believe it was in your purse! But then again, they do like chocolate!