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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Seven Random Things

Lisa tagged anyone that wanted to participate in this thingy about ourselves. So, seeing that I don't have much on my mind today.....lack of sleep due to an unending ballgame last night......I'll give a stab at this. Like my life isn't an open book anyways:) lol!!!!!!!!!

1. I save twist ties. Yeah, I'm one of those weird ones who keep the twist ties on bread bags, etc. You just never know when one of these might come in handy:)

2. I love antiques. I wished everything in my house was antique...besides myself:)

3. I carry a first aid kit....ALWAYS! Not just for my kids, but myself included! Things just happen ya know:) Ummm lets see......vertigo, fish hooks, sunburns, gaulded, scrapes, splinters, burns other than the sun, rashes...the list goes on and on!

4. I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER. Another item that I keep by my side. It goes good with....well just everything!!

5. I cannot keep up with my keys, cell phone, etc. One example of this was when Hubby and I lived in a weaning house behind my grandmother's convenient store. One of those old stores where the local men stopped by every morning on their way to work. Hubby is in the bed asleep...3rd shift syndrome.....I'm in my little house coat with hair all wrapped up, no make-up.....and low and behold I step out of the house to feed the dog....guess what?.... locked myself out! I had to walk barefoot to the store in all my glory and ask for a key. Yep....right past all the men and to grandmother who was laughing so hard, she was too...crying that is:) lol!!!! Wonder why I just didn't bang on the door for just don't understand.....NOTHING....except the Lord's return, can wake this man up:)

6. I have an issue with motion. See # 3 above, this is why my car is packed with first aid items. And if you are ever with me and see me flat on the floor, eyes switching every which way, throwing up...just knock me out with some'll save Hubby a $600 ambulance ride. If you want to see a good episode of me and Hubby and Sister C in a bathroom in the middle of the night.....just go on the next vacation with us, when me and Hubby try to sleep on an air mattress:) lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've got to stop right there......I can't breathe! I'll save more for later on that one!

7. I heart bags and shoes!

Wal-Mart special.....I think it was around $12 bucks. Love it!! You can just throw everything in all necessary first aid equipment. Plus, it comes in a cool yellow, green and black too. What was a thinking not getting the yeller....since I'm in a yeller mood with the paint and new blog face. The red just jumped out at me I guess....always go with your first instinct!

That's way enough on it's your turn!!




Cheryl said...

You are just like your Auntie Myra! Everytime I read your blog if I did not know any better I would think it was hers! You are so funny! I love the purse! How CUTE!! I still got your CD! I seen K last night but guess what?? I left the darn thing laying by my computer!!! I'll try again soon to get it to her. Have a good day girl! Love You!

K. Tilley said...

As I wipe the tears from my laughing eyes..........All the things listed I have witnessed to but you are my bestess friend in the whole wide world and I didn't know you saved twisty ties.......Learned something new.

Love ya