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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spank the flies!

These pesky insects are getting the best of me. I don't know about you, but at our house these things are driving me insane......buzzing my nose and ears while I'm trying to sleep. I've resorted to taking the fly swatter to bed with me......I've bought an assortment of colored swatters and placed one in every room....just in case. My nephew M stayed with us last weekend and he got in on the action, as he put it, "M did spank the flies." That's right M, spank them flies till you heart is content! They are everywhere, in the car, on the porch, I can't get away from them.

Here's a picture of the contraption that Hubby placed outside our front door. The boys begged him to take it down before the yellow limo came to get them this morning.....Not! This thing needs a patent. One could make millions off of it! It really works! Try it! Compliments of BT for the idea. These are his instructions: large ziplock bag, aluminum foil ball, water and string! Thanks BT you are good for something besides a pain in the rear:) lol!!!! Sister C can vouch for that...she had the remedy for you too:) lol!!!!!!!

That's about all the interesting news I know!


This is for Lisa. She scolded me for not putting a pic of my attempt at home improvement last week. Sorry, it's just that I want to add some curtains and frill it up a bit, but I'll go ahead and show you the high yeller room.

I'll show pics of the bathroom when I get the mirrors hung:)

Have a nice day!


P.S. I need to work on the lamps....they need to swap sides of the bed.....and lose the green lamp...I'm in search for another lamp anyways:) lol!!!!!!!!!!!!! I plan to paint the side table, need a rug and curtains! Do you have any more suggestions for me? I need all the help I can get?


Shaunta said...

I am glad to know that I am not suffering alone with the fly situation. I have learned that you can't kill them fast enough. More just come in! My only concern is keeping them away from Clayton...he tends to sleep with his mouth wide open! LOL Your bedroom is gorgeous!

Love ya!

K. Tilley said...

Wow, your new blog design matches your bedroom......high yeller LOL

Love ya sister