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Sunday, April 20, 2008

It's a bird, no a plane, no way...... a Blimp!

Here on this mountain! Yes sir ree. I saw it with my own two eyes today. We were standing on the porch of the church congregating, talking and enjoying the beautiful day the Lord gave us, and RF noticed this "thing" in the distant horizon. Some guessed helium balloon, an advertisement on a car lot, helicopter, etc. As it finally made it's way in front of the church, we just stood in awe of a real live BLIMP hovering over our heads. Apparently DirectTV is in need of some customers! What a way to advertise.....just fly a blimp over hill billy country and see what sort of reaction you get from that. Yep, a crazy lady trying to take pictures while driving down the road of the thing. No, I wasn't driving and hubby was not cooperating either, but I managed to get this shot just beside my parents house, as we were slowing down to make a turn.

I'm sure you were not expecting that tale! It's for real people! For those of you who see these often, please overlook my giddiness, but this was a treat for us! No much excitement happens around here in the skies....guess you couldn't tell.

Changing gears here.......It's been a week here at the house. I believe in miracles, because one happened here this week. The dream of a new floor and painted bedroom and bath actually is a reality! High yeller is what Hubby calls the new flavor of paint. This yeller hue is in other parts of the house and I mistakenly showed the wrong swatch. Oops....AFTER we had painted some on the bedroom. He had previously stated about the first round of painting with this color, that blinders were needed, now in the bedroom was he to get a nights sleep in this sunny atmosphere:) lol!!!!'s clean and that's all that matters.
Glad that's over! Home improvement is not on our top 10 best things list:)
It's sorrow and woe is me, starting back to work and the rat race tomorrow. I hear violins playing:)
Update on prayer requests: My cousin is recovering and should be going home anytime now. Kayla is at home after a scare this week and 2 trips to the hospital. There is no tumor! However, she has mono and a problem with her pituitary gland. Keep her in your prayers.
As for Mom......she and I went to her heart "electrician" doctor this week. This doc is so special to Mom. He has been her doctor for several years and she just loves him. He was called to be a doctor. I mean, he has such a kind gentle spirit about him. He was the one who talked with sister P and I after Mom flat-lined and he went in to put a pacemaker in. He didn't think she would make it, and asked for us to call our family and friends to ask them to pray for her. He knew that prayer would be what would get her through this, because from a medical stand point, he had done all that he could. There was no logical reason why she survived such a massive heart attack. It's doctors like that, that really touch lives. He made a way for her to get to B'ham and on the transplant list. For that we will always be thankful. This visit was just a hello how are you, courtesy visit. With which I'm thankful we went. Mom needed his affirmation. And she got it! She actually told him that she was ready now and is not scared any more. Words that I've prayed and you've helped me pray to hear. He was impressed at how good the IV drip is working on her heart, while reminding her that it's a temporary fix. We had a good day!
Thank the Lord for his many blessings!
All and all it's been a good week!
Love ya,


Shaunta said...

I am so sad that I missed the blimp! We leave the mountain and venture to the valley to eat after church on Sunday's and I never saw it. I am so glad to hear that your cousin and Kayla are much better! Your mom is a miracle. She is such a special person to so many people. God has big plans for her yet to come!

By the way, we are painting the new house now if you get to feeling another urge. :)

Love ya!

The Preacher's Wife said...

A blimp? Get out! I missed that one!

And a little rule of blogland I should tell you about:

1. You are not allowed to remodel without showing pictures. :))

I want to see that high yeller! :)

p.s. Tell J. that my girl is missing him at the concession stand. New operators aren't giving sno cones away no matter how cute the little girl is! :)))))