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Monday, April 28, 2008

Confederate Memorial Day

This is a State Holiday that my workplace observes. We are a non-profit organization who helps low-income families/individuals with their utility bills, along with many other services....need more info...just email me. Anyway....I've worked at my present job (7 years now?) think I would have researched the why/how it came to be? You think? I had never heard of Confederate Memorial Day. We also observe Robert E. Lee, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Jefferson Davis' Birthdays, which are among the 12 holidays/year we get. I knew I loved and appreciated our founding fathers, I just didn't know how much until I began working here:)
I've got to add...'cause I know TL will appreciate this.....he makes sure that what his FIL started, he will keep his word to him and continue poking fun at me......after working at my job for a few months, I show up at work as usual, on a Monday in January, and guess what? No one is there! One holiday I should have known about...Martin Luther King's Birthday! So I get a heads up from TL every year to remind me of said holiday:) lol!!! That's what I get for telling such things on myself!
When will I ever learn?
Now...back to Confederate Memorial Day.....

Thanks be to Google, I now have an answer. Click on the above website and just read about it. Very interesting in a history class sort of way. It has put meaning to the State observed holiday. Not all government entities get this day, but here at work we want to support the state in any way we can:) Too bad hubby and kids are not off today:) Shame on me:)

As for the day off, I guess I should visit the graves of these fallen men and decorate with flowers as did Ms. Willliams, but I don't know where to find them around here. I'll pay tribute to them by dedicating this blog post to honor all the soldiers who died fighting for the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War.


Now, what to do with a free day?




Shaunta said...

That's my kind of workplace.

Have a great day off!

Cheryl said...

Glad to hear you got a day off! It was really cool today, huh? Is that Jody in the picture below? My goodness I would not even know that child if I seen him!! He was just little when I seen him last. Is Shelby his? Hope everyone your way is doing well and you had a wonderful day off! Love You!