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Monday, June 30, 2008

And as a sign of His covenant, He set the rainbow in the sky, "the sign of the covenant which I have established between me and all flesh that is upon the earth."

Ahhhhhhh, the smell of rain! One of my favorite smells! Can you have favorite smells? If not we should. I could definitely tell you my worst...but I'll refrain. Seriously, I love the way the rain smells, how it instantaneously makes everything brighter, cleaner, greener. We just stood on the steps of the porch and listened and breathed it in. Either it's very dry in our area or we are very bored? No, not bored, just very thankful for the rain, 'cause we sure needed it.

Hubby wanted the kids to see the double rainbow. Don't know if you can see the other one or not, but it was there. Scouts honor! Son #2 asked how it forms, where it ended and what was at the end of it. Of course I said, a pot of gold, but what I should have said was golden streets, because all I can think of when I see a rainbow is God's promise. At the end of every blessing, you find God! As for what makes a rainbow...again.....all God!

I hope and pray that when life dumps rain on me that I will be still and breathe it in. I've been guilty this past week of not breathing at all! I had to take a whipping at church yesterday for my bad attitude. I'm so glad he loves me enough to reprimand me! Keeps me in line!! I so need that!! The best part of all...he forgave me...again!

Bring on the rain!

Blessings to all,



K. Tilley said...

The rain was nice and soooo needed. After I let C. out Saturday the bottom dropped out of the sky and I couldn't see to drive......Also, so thankful we were not at the airshow yesterday. My heart has been so heavy for the family that lost the 5 yr. old boy due to the weather.

Anonymous said...

I saw the double rainbow in your picture. It was beautiful! I am glad I am not the only that gets a reprimand (daily)!! Love ya!

Cheryl said...

I love the picture. I got a picture of the same rainbow from the foot of the mountain. We could only see part of the rainbow and did not see a double because it was very cloudy. I do see it in your picture, you look so professional taking these great shots that you have been sharing! Do you think that you may have missed your calling?? A photographer?? hmmmmm.... You would really make a good one. Hope you are having a good day girlfriend! Love You!

Anonymous said...

We saw the rainbow too. Rylie was with me and it was the first rainbow he had ever seen. He said WOW rainbows are real!! I told him about God's promise to us. It was such a sweet moment one I'll never forget. God is so good!
Wendy L

Deedra said...

We saw the rainbow Saturday too! Carter knows what they are from watching Dora, so he was pumped to see another one (we saw one a few months ago!) As I looked at the double one on Saturday, I thought to my self, "how in the world could anyone look at that and not KNOW beyond any doubt that there is a God above? That His promises are REAL?"