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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Besides Gold Bond, Noxzema ranks at the top of my shelf list! With summer, comes the fun of getting blistered at my house! We can get burnt in the shade:) I'm talking water bubbles, fry bacon on your back, peeling blistered! And it's just the first of June, and I'm already on my first jar of this stuff. We pick up the GoldBond when you add sand in the mix:)

Here's the Noxzema trick:

1) Apply over sunburn;

2) Let dry and leave on (do not wash off);

3) Put on your Dad's, Brother's, Husband's, etc......any man's white t-shirt.

Ahhhhh...brings back precious childhood memories of vacations gone bad:) due to excessive exposure to the sun...I can still feel the pain and itch:) Not to mention the ugly brown spots that are remnants of too much sun for this fair, freckled girl. I've switched from self tanners, which augmented my lovely spots, to Lubriderm's SPF 15 lotion, it's my new favorite thing! So, put your blinders on, it's short season, I'm wearing them, lily white legs and all:)

I was going to post this as a WFMW, but she has a theme to this weeks called, "Mom, I'm bored." I didn't think this would qualify as a bored buster for kids.........well, some kids may find lathering themselves in Noxzema a cool thing to do, but for the most part, the smell wards off youngsters:) lol!!!!! You know it involves clean:)

In the event you get a good case of sun poisoning, which I have had twice....once from tanning bed and once in March mowing the yard...go figure......, forget the Noxzema and head straight to the ER....cause your going to need something stronger than a topical analgesic! Just ask Hubby......I think he wanted to be treated for the pain and anguish I put him through getting me there:) lol!!!!

If you have any sunburn relief remedies please leave a comment. I would love to see what works for you! Besides using sunscreen:) lol!!!!!!!!!!! We use sunscreen, but sometimes fun trumps taking the time to apply it............oh the lessons we learn the hard way:)

Have a SPF day!



Cheryl said...

I'm just plain old fashioned, Kenny called me, one of the kids got sunburned, I told him to use white vinegar! It smells bad but it really takes the burn out. Your grandmother told us (when we were young)taking a hot shower would take the burn away. I like the Noxema idea. It works also.

Deedra said...

I'm one of those frecked bubbly blister getters too! My dad used to use the vinegar on us too. He'd soak paper bags in it and make us sit there with them draped all over us. It worked, but it stinks!! These days I use Baby strength 50 SPF sunscreen every single day! I have done it for years and haven't been burned in ages! (even in a boat on the river! The stuff works!) The bad news is that I totally glow in the dark! :)