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Thursday, June 12, 2008


This post is for you guys out there! And according to Lisa's poll....we know you exist. So give us some hints. What is a great guy gift? I've already placed my order for this year's Father's Day, but what about all the other occasions?

Honey we think your gift this year is going to rock.....literally:) 'Cause you do!

Give me some feed back, please:)


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Shaunta said...

Since we are building the house and Greg has a NASCAR room upstairs, I figured that he wouldn't want to run up and down the stairs to get one of his must-have diet mtn. dews several times during a race, so this year we got him a compact refrigerator for his room. I took it one step further by having a magnet made from his favorite picture of him and Clayton on the tractor. He doesn't know about any of it yet, and he may completely hate it (he can be weird), but its practical in my opinion!