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Thursday, June 5, 2008

All God's children say, "Amen!"

I got the best text message this afternoon from my friend WL. Her son, BL, was saved tonight at their Bible School, along with 3 more! I've been praying for him and for all the lost. I know how burdened down she has been for the kids at her church and Sunday School class. Sometimes we feel as if they are not getting it, maybe we should do more, less, maybe they are tired of seeing our faces, someone could do better....the questions go on and on. All the while, they do get it, they are listening, God is moving!

My mind keeps going back to what my pastor was preaching on more Lord, just one more. I feel the presence of the Lord so strong here on this mountain. He is moving in a mighty way!

This picture that WL took last night at Bible school says it all!

My cup runneth over!!

Thanks be to God for sending His Son to die on that cruel cross for such a sinner as I!

Lord Jesus I pray for one more!

Love to all,



Shaunta said...

That is wonderful news! God is moving in a big way on this little mountain! It excites me to see all the work that He is doing saving all the lost souls. I can't wait to see what He does next!

K. Tilley said...

That picture is Priceless!!!!! And the reason behind the picture is even more worthy!!

Deedra said...

Amen! How awesome is our God!! That picture is just priceless!

Anonymous said...

My tears of Joy are still flowing!!
Praise be to God! What an awesome week! To all of you: God still hears and answers prayers!! AMEN Exspecting 1 more!

Wendy L