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Friday, June 13, 2008

Day lilies, rosemary, hosta, and I have no idea the name of the purple thing in the back:)

High five to Lisa for putting this garden par-tay together! Did you plan on it being "Friday the 13th?" :) lol!!!!!!!!!!! Hope my flowers don't die:) lol!!!!!!!!!!!!

I subscribe to several magazines.....another hangup.......RealSimple, Country Living and Southern Living are my favorites. I love to see all the beautiful gardens, cheap, quick transformations of different rooms indoors and out. Hubby dreads seeing the mail run:) He knows a project is in the making.

So without further is one project that wasn't an idea from any magazine I've ever was birthed from the mind of dear hubby:) lol!!!!!!!!! Now take into account this project is not finished. I was informed it has 4 phases. He has completed 2! I'll update with pics when complete......seeing the Hubby is having some trouble with his knee.......there has been no date set for completion at this time.

Phase 1

Phase 2-Completed!

All jokes aside........Hats off to you honey! I'm seeing the vision! Have I mentioned lately that I love you;)

*Note the block wall will have the fake rock on it....and on the other side of the wall will be more concrete for what's left of the driveway.....and hopefully we'll have enough of something to fill in the big hole below the table. Are you seeing the vision?

I wanted to include a shot of my Mawmaw's old metal swing that we've given a face lift. This area is where we wind the day down, look at the stars and listen to Selah! Ahhhhhh sounds sweet doesn't it......we try:) lol!!!!!!! JK.....a girl can dream, can't she:) We just look at it as we are running out the door:) lol!!! And think, yeah in about 10 years:) lol!!!!! This way we have something to look forward to:)

I sat many a times with Mawmaw on this swing as she sang the silly songs and we played, "I Spy." This swing has been around for many a year...Mom remembers this swing as young girl.

Smoke on the Mountain-love this plant!

All time favorite-Sun Fern!

My Mawmaw's favorite-Hydrangea
Hopefully mine will shine like hers...see blog cover.

We are trying our hand at any tips for us? of these days:)

Thanks Lisa for the inspiration.......Hubby will thank you later:) lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



THE ROOST said...

I LOVE that swing.....The flowers are beautiful too. Thanks for the tour.

K. Tilley said...

Great Job Martha..)) LOL

Your flowers look soooo pretty. If I had a blog, my participation in the garden par-tay would be taking a picture of my sign that sits in the kitchen that simply states...."Martha doesn't live here"...

I still worry about you backing out your drive when I look at those pictures.....LOL

Love ya

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Beautiful! Love the Hydrangeas!

Lisa a.k.a. The Preacher's Wife said...

LOL...Talked to J last night and he told me (as he was shaking his head in confusion) that you were taking pictures of your flowers for some blog thing...I laughed my head off!

Kudos to him for getting to Phase 2though. And I loved seeing your yard...I guess I could just come over and see it in real life :))

Love you my friend!


jamie in rose cottage said...

LOVE that swing! Your flowers look good too, and maybe you inherited your Mawmaw's green thumb. :-)

Heather said...

Love the swing! My grandma had one like it too! And I love the hydrangeas, yours and your blog header. Just beautiful. Good luck with the project.

Thanks for sharing!

K. Tilley said...

I voted "sad" on the Dolly song. There's got to be a story behind it with TW, you can clue me in later.......

sharon said...

I too have an old swing that was my Grandma's. Kids are grown and gone now & we do sit out and see the sun go down & see the starlit sky. Keep that love between you & hubby so that when the kids are gone there will still be something there. It thrilled my heart to see the I Love You message to the hubby. Don't rush time, those boys will be gone oh to soon. Enjoy every fleeting (even though busy) moment. Now our joy is on Friday when we get to sit outside in some of our swings and play,read & swing to sleep grandson ATL.

TNS said...

How nice to have the memories the swing holds. Beautiful flowers - even your compost fence is quaint.