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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thanks to.... for hosting WFMW!!

My New Favorite Thing!

NEW Lash Power Mascara Long Wearing FormulaOne stroke and these pretty lashes last through rain, sweat, humidity, tears. Yet the formula removes easily with warm water. Unique brush reaches and beautifully lengthens even the tiniest lashes. Ophthalmologist tested, too.Innovative thermal sensitive technology that helps it stay put for 24 hours is easy to remove. Use fingertips to splash warm water (bath temperature is ideal) on lashes several times and press gently. Or, wet a cotton pad with warm water, press to eye, then wipe away.

Ya'll this stuff stayed on through all the tears at the Baptizing!

Caution: You'll think your eyelashes are peeling off when you wet with warm water......but it's just the mascara.....craziest mascara I've ever seen.....but I love, love, love it. No eye makeup remover necessary! That makes me happy!!

Works for Me!



Cheryl said...

Hey thanks for that information! I love trying new things. Sounds good to me. Have a nice day girlfriend!!

Anonymous said...

I MUST have this mascara by Sunday!! Hope ya'll can come.
Thanks for the great tip!!

Wendy L

Deedra said...

I've never tried it, but I may have to! My mascara tends to rub off under my eyes.

I don't know if anyone else is having trouble, but I keep getting rerouted to a "robot" dell search page when I get to your page. I have no idea how to fix it if they, but I did figure out that if I hurry up and click on comments b4 the reroute, I can read the post from there.

Anonymous said...

Perfect timing as I need to get some mascara. I'm into easy clean-of mascara. Thanks for the tip.