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Monday, June 23, 2008

Wisdom Teeth and Code Red!

What do you think these two have in common? If you guessed having them removed and a fire guessed right! Wouldn't you know we just couldn't go and have a routine trip to get son #1's wisdom teeth removed. Here's teenage logic for you....why the name, "wisdom teeth." And if the name has anything to do with real wisdom...why remove them? lol!!!! I'm with ya son on things seeming so unnecessary. But as they say, no pain no gain!

Back to what code red had to do with our morning at the oral surgery place. Things are going along just smoothly, when the fire alarm goes off. No biggy! Meanwhile the nurse is administering IV, laughing gas, etc. to son. And she is explaining that a few months ago, they had an inspection and everything with their fire alarm was top notch, they just had to buy more wheelchairs to accommodate x # of patients in case of fire...yata, yata, yata....son is beginning to giggle:)lol!!! Meanwhile the whole time we're conversing, this deafening noise is going off. Next thing I know they are escorting everyone out of the building....except son, nurse and doc....since he's under sedation and hooked to an IV. She and the doc assured me that he would be wheeled out ASAP. Didn't see son outside...just this

Yep, the fire alarm works great....4 fire trucks had that place surrounded in no time flat. And this wasn't a drill. After coast was clear, and no fire detected...back in we go.....only for it to go off again:) lol!!! So much for the top notch fire alarm...but thumbs up to the code red and evacuation plan! All I can say is I didn't get bored and didn't get to read my mags for all the hype.

As for son, he is doing fine and doesn't remember a thing:) lol!!! He still says his pain was soooooo not necessary! You're right son....let me go get you another pill:)




Cheryl said...

I am glad you took your son to get his wisdom teeth out. I have not done that yet!!! My son just has a fit when we speak of it!! Girl, he is 19! What is a Mom to do?? He really needs to do this but I just do not have the guts to make him!hahaha I'm a wimp!! It was so good to see you and the family yesterday!! We are so glad ya'll visited with us!! I still have a cd for you!! I will try and get that to Kerri tomorrow night! Have a good day girlfriend! Love you!

K. Tilley said...

Don't be shy now, you know ya'll cause a scene where ever ya'll go.... LOL..... After a morning of stress like you had, son #1 may be short one pain pill......(don't you dare take'll knock you out for weeks.......LOL)