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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New two babes born again!! VBS was such a treat this year! I'm ashamed to say, and asked the Lord to forgive, that it wasn't because of my readiness:) I tend to be a procrastinator! This year was no exception! There is something about the last minute thrill/rush that gets me going! Thanks be to God he overlooked my fault and saw the need!

Our attendance seemed a bit off. However, the Holy Spirit was not! I enjoyed the lesson of, "Water Wonder", so much! Keeping our eyes on the Savior, because when we take them off for just one minute, we begin to drown, as did Peter. For some group talk, I asked the class to give me in one minute flat, a story of when they faced their fears. Oh what responses I got! Just ask Lisa...aka...the preachers wife:) lol!!!!!! It's amazing what kids consider a fear:) Anyway, we had good discussions, and I pray that something said or done at VBS will stir up a desire within to seek and know God.

I'll leave with you some pics of the hot, but oh so Blessed Day!


The Craft Lady!

My niece J on her special day!

Last, but certainly not least.....our VBS Director...Iris!! Thanks for another great year!!


Lisa a.k.a. The Preacher's Wife said...

That stinker. You know what E. said when I asked him what his favorite thing was I could cook?

Ice. Ice!

I'm mad all over again...LOL

But not mad enough to quit praising the Lord over all our kiddos being born again..Glory!

Anonymous said...

Wow, did not know you could could ice? Hilarious!! VBS was awesome this year, and I felt like you, more underprepared than usual. But God is faithful and the word he gave me was open wide your mouth and I will fill it! Praising him for the souls saved!

Cheryl said...

Praise God for all the "born agains"!! Thank you for sharing. Love the pictures! Have a great day girlfriend! God Bless~