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Monday, June 9, 2008

Urgent Prayer Request!

Update: Caden is home and appears to be doing fine. The doctors cannot explain what happened to cause him to quit breathing. They speculate it was the mucus. Thank you for your prayers. Continue to pray for him and his parents. It's going to be hard to bat an eye, wondering if this could happen again.

I received a call from my friend T last night around 9:30. She was crying so bad I couldn't understand much, except that her nephew had quit breathing. His name is Cayden, I hoped I spelled that correctly, and he is 4 weeks old. While having a family cookout, his aunt was holding him and he just arched his back and quit breathing for like a minute. The family began to pray and beg God to intervene. God did answer their prayer! He was taken to the hospital by ambulance and is doing okay from the last report I got this morning.

The doctors cannot explain what happened. All the tests are coming back normal thus far. He is still in the hospital.

Please pray for these new parents and their family. I cannot fathom how much heartache and grief they are going through, just knowing that they almost lost their only son. My heart breaks for them. Please pray for God's healing to be upon the baby. Also, for the parents as they bring him home. Scared wouldn't begin to describe how they must feel. Not knowing is so hard.

What do know, is that God saved that little boy! God knows our every need! Had they not been at the cookout, he would have been in his crib. Goose bumps!

God is our refuge, our very help in times of trouble, our strength, our Redeemer, and from yesterday's SS lesson, our bridge builder.....another post, another day!

Pray on!


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Cheryl said...

I pray a special prayer for this family today. I hope that things are going well at this moment. Please keep us informed. God Bless You for such a sweet heart girlfriend!!! Love You!