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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Another Update on Trevor:

They found air pockets on Trevor’s brain. Also blood. She called asking us to keep praying. They say if he even moves, it could kill him.

I just received an update on Trevor:

He doesn’t have any brain damage. He has broken bones and they are concerned about his eye and eye socket. He is facing surgeries. Continue praying for him in the coming days of surgery and recovery.

As a Mom, I can't imagine the fear that would overwhelm you after hearing your child has been hurt so bad that he needed air transport. But God's grace is sufficient! Yesterday's devotion sums it up. "Give it to God! Look up and say, "Lord, I'm trusting You to do what I cannot do. Bring me through this. Here it is; I'm turning it over to You. My life, my future, and my all are in Your hands!" Ya'll just don't know how troubled I've been over some things, and wouldn't you know it....ask and you shall receive.....just when I needed to hear from Him, He showed up today with His answer too my dilemma through His Word and from His Vessels! Ain't God Good!!!! I want to thank Him and praise Him for loving me! My answer was summed up in these 4 words, "Stick to the plan!" I opened up my devotion and it was like the words just came off that page and slapped me across the face, saying, "wake up girl, you are under attack by Satan." And you know what? This too shall pass! He will make a way! I'll I've got to do is, HOLD ON! Yes, I will with everything in me, I will!

Sorry about all that, I was just sitting here after hearing better news about Trevor, and having me a happy spell and it was just in me and I had to get it out! Now, I feel better:) lol!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another Thankful Thursday! It is Well With My Soul!


Urgent Prayer Request!

Please offer up prayers for a young boy, Trevor, who had an accident at our local hardware store. Something fell on him and his younger brother found him. He was air-lifted to Children's Hospital.

Lift up Trevor and his family in prayer. We know that through God all things are possible!

Thank you!

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Cheryl said...

I was so sorry to hear of this accident today. I still pray for him and his family. You have the sweetest heart! Love ya!