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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Today is vent day......
Update: Thanks to Lisa, she cleared me up on how to keep my post and delete the nasty comment. So for those of you who haven't read the post that drove the commenter to such's back on. click here.
There is just something I've got to get off my chest. Apparently even blogland is not exempt from Satan's attacks. This is probably no surprise to you. However, I received a comment on a previous post that I did on National Prayer Day, May 1. I can't link this post to you, because I removed it due to the comment that Satan left. You know the school-yard rhyme..."sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me"......well, he may as well have thrown stones at me! It was the most abhorring comment...apparently written by an atheist. I couldn't even read the whole long thing, it made me sick. Then I had to stop and think how God must feel. To know that He died for everyone...even those who do not believe in him. I had to stop and pray for this individual. Maybe through something he/she reads on this blog or other Christian blogs...the Holy Spirit's convicting power will be so that he/she cannot bear it any longer and accepts Jesus as their Saviour.
I began this blog to help my Mom. So, why in the world can't people keep their rude and insulting comments to themselves. This is not a mandatory read! Come on, give me a break here. I'm not any better to receive criticism, and I welcome it...keeps me in line....but to talk about God they way this person did....offends me to know end!!!! I reserve the right to praise God in any way shape form or fashion I please. I want His name proclaimed as the mighty King He is. The Bible tells me if we don't praise Him...the rocks and mountain's will! If you just look around they scream....look how wonderful and beautiful God's creation is!
My point being.......I don't read blogs that are dirty and certainly don't comment on please refrain from commenting on My's just that..... My Life....My personal journey on God's green earth! I belong to Him!! Thank you Jesus! If you don't agree......I'm praying for you anyway....but please don't leave your comments.
To fellow bloggers....has this happened to any of you? I wanted to just delete the comment, but couldn't figure out how, without deleting the whole post. I want to keep the post. Help? For the future, I've changed my comment form, allowing me to review/approve the comments.
That's all for today:)


Shaunta said...

I am so sorry that happened to you! You are a child of God and certainly have every right to share that with those who care. It always seems like there is one bad seed out of the whole bunch. I pray this doesn't happen again!

K. Tilley said...

Amen, preach it sista!!!

The Preacher's Wife said...

Yes, this has happened to me, also. There are random people out there just looking to pick a fight. I got one slamming me for calling Al Gore a You did the right thing. Just pray for them and let it roll off.

Also, if you want to delete one comment instead of your post: Log in to blogger, click on the post comments and there should be a little trash can at the bottom of each comment. You can click on that and it will delete the comment.

You can also edit your post, save as draft, and the post will appear in your dashboard list but will not be published. That will keep you from having to delete it all together.

Does that make any sense whatsoever? There is a reason I don't write instruction manuals. lol