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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Hi, my name is JAL or some of you may know me as son #1 or the boy who calls home at 3:00 a.m. I am going to blog for mom today cuz she doesn't feel good and I think it would be pretty fun and she would probably want me to type rather than to play the electric guitar on volume 10.
Well lets get to the topic. I am attending a team basketball camp a NSM. Its suppose to be a fun camp and not very competitive, not for NSM. Today we played NSM. The game started off great. We lead 10 to 2 about 3 minutes into the game. We were on fire, LJBG threw the ball to me, I had no shot, so I passed it back to him, he shot a 3 pointer and nailed it. As I ran down the court I noticed the scorekeepers(NSM 10th graders) gave us one point instead of three. "Cheaters", I said to LJBG.
Later on in the game I had the ball on the post and shot, I made the shot and was fouled. The score was 25 to 19 our way before I even got the ball. I made the free -throw. After I made it I looked at the scoreboard and the score was 25 to 20. We didn't even get a point and NSM got a point for some reason, maybe the reason was cheating. I went up to the ref and said," Didn't we just earn three points" "yes you did" said the ref. "Well, are they going to add three?" I asked. "Yes, I'll go tell them to". The ref never told them and they didn't add three points.
We went on to lose the game 35 to 33. NSM got their way once again. If they would have added the points they didn't , we would have won. But it will come back and haunt them during the real season. :)


K. Tilley said...

Your report sounds just like HLT's report. I told him to give the ref heck (since he know's him personally) about it. Hope today's games go better.

I got an email that said H Gant hit his head and was taken to children's hospital. Hope he is ok for yall's game today.

Lisa a.k.a. The Preacher's Wife said...

Hey JL!

I'm glad to see the blog bug has bitten another dude in your family besides your dad. Now you realize you have to come leave some comments on some girly blogs, right? :)

And I have to say the best thing that ever happened to baseball was for us to not have to play NSM anymore. The title of your post has got to be the greatest ever.!!


Anonymous said...

Too cool to see you blog. I think my son reads mine because it pops up in his history! I always hated going to NSM for any sport. Glad those days are over, at least for now.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dude! This is Jenny Mann. I totally understand about NSM being that way. They always have been and probably always will be! Anyways, I love your post, and just the pure fact that you did a post! have a great time maybe you could send mom a text at 3 a.m. instead of callin'?!

sharon said...

Good blog JL

Cheryl said...

Hello J! Boy you had a great post. I know exactly how NSM really is. It is a bad situation over there. Always. I don't think we have played a sport there and came away satisfied with the calling. I know where you are coming from but you know that we are a better team and our boys will play fair and come out on top!! Good Luck this season!! High Five to you and the team! (or am I to old to still do that?)