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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Hayden!
Say it Ain't So.......13!

Today is the Birthday of one special young man! He is son #1's best friend. These two started pre-school together and now are in the 7th grade. It's hard to believe that H is now 13! He is just like one of mine! I love him to pieces! He is one awesome athlete and duck hunter! I've watched him grow up and he is one fine young man. I love to make him cat head biscuits and watch him eat'em with grape jelly! He loves music and I can see him on stage in a few years playing the guitar.
That is H pictured above by himself in front of the beautiful sail boat. And the other pic is of him, my two, and my niece and nephew. They all have such a good time when we vacation and just hanging out around the house.

Thanks for being such a good friend to son #1!

So here's to you H......we hope you had a great day and the boys are looking forward to the party this week! We love you and wish you a lifetime of happiness!
Love you, J, C, J & J
P.S. Due to technical difficulties.....the video I've been trying to upload, download, transfer, save, pull out of the nice little camera and put on this for you.....JUST WON'T WORK! Sorry.....if for some miraculous reason I figure out what I'm doing wrong....I'll update it for you at a later date!


Deb said...

I can not believe he is 13! Amber thinks he is adorable and gonna be really "hot" when he gets older. And he is a great kid!

K. Tilley said...

Oh how sweet of you to do this for him. He will be so excited when he see's it. 13 years!!! Where have they gone? Your house is the only house he will ever sleep over at and to this day he LOVES your biscuits! I think he would get up and eat breakfast at your house everyday if I'd let him....LOL

Britt said...

oh wow... I can remember when Hayden was just so tiny.... and he & Tomas played t-ball against each other! This must mean I'm getting old! Oh no!!!