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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Angels Are Rejoicing!
Over what you ask? Two lost souls are now saved! My two sons! Yes, after what seemed to be a normal ballgame night, turned into the most wonderful, sweetest time with my children. Words cannot express what I feel today. As you know, there is nothing greater than salvation...and it is something I've prayed for, for a long time now, for them.
Due to the time crunch of getting ready this morning for an award ceremony at school, I will post more details of this glorious night later today. I just had to Praise the Lord for His Saving Grace! Ain't God Good! He is always on time!!
Check back later today for more.......
Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus!
I'm back! I just came from son #1's awards day at school. I'm proud of him, but none of that compares to the Heavenly Award his received last night from our Heavenly Father. For those of you who have prayed for him, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. He is 13 and I had such a burden for him, but low and behold my 9 year old, out of the blue last night, had been burden down with a feeling of needing to be saved. I knew he had asked several questions lately, but had no idea just how concerned he was. I tell you we had a Hallelujah Happy Spell last night right in his bedroom. You can't tell me that God isn't real! He shows up at the most unexpected places and times....just when you begin to give up.....he comes in and does the unexpected! Let me tell you right now, the Holy Spirit was real last night in my house, in my PJ's, in the middle of the night! I'll will never be able to thank Him enough for what he has done and is gonna do!
What I thought was a broken heart over a couple of strike-outs, was in fact a broken spirit and a contrite heart! No way was he upset over such trivial things as strike outs, no, it was a need to be saved. Praise the Lord! What I learned last night from a 9 year old, I will never forget! God can use children in a mighty way! His testimony spilled over to my 13 year old and he also accepted Jesus as his Saviour too. See what I think a 9 year old can't be a witness...think again:) lol!!!!!!
As parents, J and I, will forever treasure last is one of the greatest moments a parent can experience with their children. Oh what a mighty God we serve! The grandparents came over, and we had another good time in the Lord! Ain't God Good!
My 9 year old made several phone calls last night to aunts and friends. Sorry he woke you from your slumber, but I knew you wouldn't mind. We love you all so much!!
I'm trying to get myself straightened up, but I think the smile on my face and swollen eyes will be around for awhile.
Love you,


K. Tilley said...

After J. called me last night to tell me the wonderful news, I kept singing over and over the song " There's a new name written down in Glory" except I changed the words to "There's two new names written down in Glory and it's J & J oh yes it's J&J............

God is Great and Faithful and I trust he'll do the same for my son one day.......

Have a Glorious Day!!!
Love you!

Shaunta said...

That is SOOOO wonderful! I am so happy for them and for you and J! Your boys are two of the sweetest kids. I know they are a blessing to you, just as you and J are a blessing to them!

Love ya!

Cheryl said...

I'm typing through tears this morning as I read your blog. What a happy time! Such a blessing for you and J! Imagine what a witness those boys will be in the sports field!! Oh it makes me want to shout because so many kids can be reached through kids like yours. When the "cool" kids are being saved it makes a big impact! Thanks so much for sharing your happy day with us. God Bless you and your family girl! Love Ya!

Brooke said...

I'm so happy for you and your boys! I'm so glad you shared this wonderful news!!!!

God Bless!!!!

Anonymous said...

We are rejoicing for your family. We were out to eat last night and were talking about different things I had read on several blogs before we left and Clay said did you read CL's blog today? (yes he reads also) I knew it had to be something great and exciting for him to bring it up. He was killing me with the suspense. He said guess what happened after they got home from the ballgame. By this point I was ready to shake it out of him. When he told me J&J got saved I can not explain the feeling that went over me. I know that has to be the biggest burden lifted from your heart.

My youngest has been asking alot of questions lately about salvation and I know my oldest came to the realization he is lost several months ago. Please remember the two of them in your prayers.

Tell both of your boys we are so happy for them.