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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How to De-Stem Strawberries!

Don't you just love strawberries!! Hubby and I do!! My sweet SIL stopped at my cousin M's Strawberry Farm and picked me up some.

So here is what WFMW tip I got from them:

As we...yes Hubby helped me...... prepare these berries.....the tip was a success. And here it goes:

Items needed:

1) Drinking Straw

2) Freezer bags

How to:

1) Don't wash them. Wipe dirt...if needed.

2) Push straw from bottom of berry up through the stem. Tada!

3) You are now ready to put them in a freezer bag for future use!

Now for the bestest part:)

1) I fried up some frozen waffles this morning in a tid bit of olive oil;

2) Poured some warm syrup over them (2 that is);

3) Squirted some cool whip in a can on top of the syrup, that was on top of the waffles;

4) Throwed some strawberries on top of all of that;

5) Garnished with some walnuts!

I was going to show you a picture of that scrumptious breakfast we had this morning....but, I had it ate before I could take the pic. Sorry:) lol!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, if you need some of these berries....Gilbert Strawberry Farm - Strawberries Hwy 40 East, Henagar, AL 35978. Phone: (256) 657-5581. Directions: Approx 1/4 mi. east of the Henagar red light on Hwy 40 E, Co Rd 134. Open: Mon-Sat, 7 am to until dusk. We pick April 20 to May then we open for U-Pick in June. Call for pricing.

Now go and get 'em while they are fresh!

Happy Day to you!


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Gettysburg Mom said...

I'm a little slow this morning...sorry- but what does the straw do? De-stem them?