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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Full Moon over......

The ball field Monday night. As this beautiful full moon began to ascend in the sky over the field that night, all of us spectators were amazed at just how beautiful it was! This picture doesn't do it justice. What got my attention was the different observations each one had about the moon.

These were just some of them;

"Do you see the man in the moon?"

"Hey honey (me being asked this ?), how does that song go about the Blue Moon over Texas?"

"You mean Blue Moon of Kentucky."

"No, it's Texas."

"Someone is going to have a baby."

"Dogs are howling."

"This is the 4th full moon......ya know that means the brim are on bed."

Okay, the last one was something I just knew you girls would want to know. I can just see all of you now, getting your fishing poles and crickets and heading to the pond:) lol!!!!!!!! Hey, you would win a high five from your kids! I can hear them telling their friends, "my Mom knows when the brim on bed!"

If any of you happen to know the song about a Moon and Texas, will you please let me know? Hubby and L are convinced there is such a song, and need to know the title and artist. Plus, he could say, "I told you so to me!" :) lol!!!! The only Moon song I could think of was, "Blue Moon of Kentucky."

What we do for entertainment!

Have a good day!



Update on Mom:

She had a good check-up on Monday. Her transplant coordinator encouraged her to not give up, but it could take as much as a year to find her a match. Her antibodies are going to be hard to match.....but not impossible! They will change her port out in the near future...from her arm to her chest. She will have to do the IV the entire time she is waiting.

Thanks for your continued prayers. God is hearing and answering!

We love you all so much!


Shaunta said...

I love looking at the full moon. When we got married the full moon was rising over the beach as we were saying our vows. Now it has a very special meaning to me and Greg.

As far as that song, Tracy Lawrence has a song called Stars Over Texas, but I am with you on the moon over Texas thing. I think Kentucky is the only place you might find a blue moon!

Cheryl said...

I thought it was Blue Moon over Georgia!!hahaha You know I am definitely not musical inclined. Did I say that right? Ohhhhh girl this has been a dificult week. I might be having a hormone moment. Anyway, hope you find out, I am kind of curious now.

Cheryl said...

Oh gosh I just had to google that one. You are right!! Blue Moon of Kentucky by LeAnn Rimes. Elvis Presley also had a song Blue Moon of Kentucky. So tell J he lost this one. Sorry J...........