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Friday, May 16, 2008

An Octopus On Roller-Skates....
What a week this has been! Don't it feel good when you are on the mountaintop? Yes Lord Yes! Thanks be to Him! It has been such a quite, peaceful week with the family. I'm trying to bottle it! Because I know as time creeps on, things are going to get all hairy again:) lol!!! And when it does, I'm hoping to go back to this bottle and just breathe the sweet feeling back in. I better make sure I get a enormous bottle....cause I have a feeling I'm going to need it:) lol!!!!
We made a trek to SAM's and try and get stocked up on a few things last night. Surprisingly it went well...ya know with boys in tow. I managed to remember almost everything I went for! Yeah me! But the best part of the whole trip was a visit to Ankars Hoagies and Bakery on Brainerd Rd, Chatt. They have these onions rings that will make you slap your Grandma:) Needless to say I slapped Hubby instead....jk:) lol!!!!! We ate mega burgers and onion rings and then stopped at my other favorite place.....Krispy Kreme Doughnuts......and the sign was flashing "HOT!" Just when I thought my week couldn't get any better!
I believe I had a point to all this babbling....oh the week is coming to an end.....I have thought about my life and what my purpose is here on planet earth. Lately, I had began to let things just....go. No direction, no callings, no drive! I found the best description of my life in a devotion this week. This summed me up...."An octopus on roller skates: lots of movement but no real direction." I immediately thought...that's me! I'm flying through my days and not really getting anywhere! I want more out of my life. I want more time with God. I want more quality time with my hubby and children. Now my goal is to make the time. I see how much time I waste. And it made me sad. Tuesday night was a wake up call for me.
As the devotion read....which person am I going to be...."(1) One with low flame, or (2) one with no flame. If you're not careful you could end up like the man whose tombstone read, "Died at 30. Buried at 60."
Ouch! That one hurt! But, it made me realize that I needed to fan the flame for Jesus. And thanks be to Him.....Tuesday night lit the fire! Shame on me for not already being on the mountaintop! Forgive me Lord.
Have a great weekend!


Deedra said...

Wow. This post is one we probably all can relate to. Thanks for sharing it today!

I am so excited for your boys, and for you and J! What an awesome week!! Praise God!

Anonymous said...

Carrie I could not be happier for you!! I know your heart and this was an answer to prayer....GOD IS SOOOOO GREAT!!
I can so relate to the Octopus on Roller Skates......pray for me that I will make more time for God and my family! Love YA!
Wendy L

Cheryl said...

Great post girl! I am so happy for you. God has really blessed you and I know Kathy is happy to hear about the boys. Glad to hear how great your week has been and just know that God has many more planned for you! Love YA!