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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Breeding place of anything home!

I've had waaaaay too many encounters with pesky insects and rodents lately....actually enough to last me a life time:) Yesterday morning, as I was setting in my chair at work, talking to Mom on the phone, I feel something crawling across my leg. First biggy....then a closer look confirms my worst fear....A TICK! Anything that can suck blood like those things me the creeps! Not to mention a disease:) Thankfully it had not attached..yet...and I flushed her down the toilet...why did I just call it a her instead of a him?'s gone!

I'm not really a fan of dogs and especially cats....and please don't call the Humane Society on me....I'm not cruel to animals...I just don't love love love them and I'm especially not fond of them jumping on me...which is what Athena did to me that morning. I'm trying to get to the car, which is parked in the freshly mowed grass...hint wet feet and wet feet with grass on them....and she decides to pounce on me:) lol!!!....All the while I'm trying to salvage son #1's shoes she was currently eating:) Now, I'm dressed for work and well the day just didn't start off just right:) if you know what I mean....time is of the essence! And for some reason this dog loves me:) She actually minds me.....the only member of the family that I don't hug and kiss on...actually loves me:) Go figure:) lol!!!!!!!!!!! I know what it is...I feed her good....lots of home made every time I'm out the door she attacks me, thinking what good scraps I have for her this time. I bring it on myself....see I am too good to her and she is just trying to repay me:) lol!!! Whatever:)lol!!

Back to Mr. Tick......I figure I got him while Athena was loving on me:) My home has suddenly became this breeding place for insects and rodents! UGH!!! Don't you want to come and visit? We love to share:) lol!!!!!!!! Just wondering if disrupting the ground, like we've done in the backyard...see above link to see what I'm talking about....has stirred all these critters up? Just wondering?

I made a trek to Fred's and stocked up on all repellents....wonder if they have a repellent for dogs:) Just kidding:) lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did see a repellent for to go back and get that for sure:) And I bought Athena a big bone to gnaw on, hopefully instead of the shoes, and guess what she did with that? Went and buried it:)
After all I did for her....that heifer woke me up barking in the wee hours this morning! She and I are fixing to have a heart to heart! Because I love her so:) lol!!! Plus, I was dreaming all kinds of crazy me and my friend KT were in son #1's decrepit truck....KT was driving us to who knows where, because I couldn't see...which is usually her...and I broke my cell phone...which I have... and we were off for a weekend....and had to turn around because it was in the middle of the night and I had all these problems...and I just was tossing and turning all night trying to solve our problems. Crazy but true.....I must be stressed....again:)

You would think being raised on a farm that I would just love dogs and think? I'll stick with cows....they don't love on me, just hubby:) lol!!! Another story for another day:)
What does this say about me?
I'm thinking a cold fish loafer!

Got to work on that!




K. Tilley said...

I'm glad somebody is dreaming about me.......LOL

Preachers said...

lol...carrie you are too funny.

and your legs are too long. i was seriously sore from our walk last night! ;))) you are a great walking partner for a girl who needed to challenge her short-legged self!