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Friday, May 30, 2008


Before I begin explaining the title of this post....I've just got to say, whew! When I agreed, in my sick state the other night, to son #1 writing a blog, I'll admit I held my breath. The deal was, I had to proof it before we posted. And yes it passed, so if you didn't read it, please scroll just might get a kick out of it:) Thanks Son #1, you did a good job!

Now back to the subject at hand.........

If you see me and think, wow, she looks so orange/yellow, it's not from a bad self-tanner.....nope, it's because I've foundered myself on my friend KT's carrots and sweet potatoes! She and BT invited us over for a Memorial Day cookout. She mentioned she was fixing some veggies to go with our burgers, but little did I know how GOOD those suckers were going to be. I'm still eating them! I had another plate full last night with my wraps:) Talking about slapping your Grandma! Not only do they turn you funny colors, I've had to resort to Tums to take care of the other side effects:) lol!!!!!!!!

So if you want to try them, this is how it's done:

KT's Jaunders

1) Peel and cut up some sweet potatoes and carrots;

2) Coat with olive oil and salt/pepper

3) Place in baking dish

4) Bake until tender

You can thank her later!

Happy Eating!


P.S. Tune in later for a topic on, "The Blame Game."

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