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Friday, February 8, 2008

Stress Busters

Remind yourself that you are not the general manager of the universe!

Here is a list of some helpful hints that I read on an email this morning to help with STRESS!

1. Pray

2. Read the Bible.

3. Get up on time so you can start the day unrushed. (Mom you did a crazy thing today:)

4. Go to bed on time so you can do #3.

5. Delegate tasks to capable others.

6. Simplify and unclutter your life.

7. Less is more.

8. Pace yourself.

9. Take one day at a time.

10. Separate worries from concerns.

11. Live within your budget.

12. Have backups. (keys:)

13. Laugh!

14. Laugh some more!

15. Sit on your ego.

16. Talk less, Listen more! (KMS...Keep Mouth Shut)

17. Rest.

18. Slow down.

19. Be kind.

20. Get organized.

21. Quiet time.

22. It's okay to say NO!

Sounds easy, right? NOT! But it reminded me of WHY I'm so STRESSED, since I'm not doing nearly all the above! Which leads me to what's STRESSING me now! I went for a haircut and color last night....yes I left my sick child at home...with his Dad. And I beat myself up for it all the way to and from. BTW he is some better today, thanks for your prayers! Anyway, when I got home my hubby who never notices little details, proclaimed..."you've got a hickey:)" lol!!!!!!! Go ahead....gasp.....and laugh....and breathe! No, it was not from mad passionate who has time and feels like I hear an Amen from my sisters? hairdresser shaved my neck. She is a great hairdresser, it's just that I have sensitive skin. I looked in the mirror and yes....IT LOOKS LIKE I HAVE A HICKEY! Hubby is walking around all proud like and aggravating the hound out of me:) So, now consider yourself family, since I've shared all that. Really is from a haircut! I guess that's what I get for going. Hopefully by the time I venture out again, oh let's say next month, IT will be gone! Does anybody have a quick remedy for Hickeys? Besides wearing a turtleneck:) Please do tell!!



pallday said...

Ok, lil sis, you are sharing way too much info! lipstick and great for dark cicles or hickeys.


K. Tilley said...

This is for PAllday......Now P. why didn't you share the info about the red lipstick and concealer when we were in HS? (just kidding)

Carrie said...

Okay girls....I'm I missing something here?

Thanks for the reminder sister P..I'll post the directions for all next week on the lipstick thing she mentioned. The girl at the makeup counter in the mall gave us the tip. Check back for more details!

Anonymous said...

Okay Carrie, I just stumbled in on your blog and what a story for a first timer! So Sorry you are stressed, but I am too, so therefore I have nothing to say about that. As for the hickey, a girlfriend told me in HS that if you will take a straight toothed comb and rub over it really fast that it will disapear. Needless to say, THAT DON'T WORK!! All it does is spread it out and make it worse. . . not that I tried or anything! Hope you have a great weekend and I will check back in with ya sometime soon!