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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Go Girls!!

I felt all alone in this small town tonight! It is somewhat a ghost town....since the girls basketball team is playing in the sub-state rounds about 2 hours down the road. I just got a call from the Hubby, he and the boys are there, and THEY WON!!! They will play again Friday night. Good Luck Girls!! This hasn't happened since 1986, when we won the state championship. I was fortunate enough to have played some with that team and I wish our girls the best! It's a chance in a lifetime!!

Quick update on Mom: I talked with her this evening and she is very homesick and tired of the hospital. Tomorrow should prove to be interesting...since the docs are going to decide whether or not they are going ahead now with the artificial pump. If they decide to, then she will have to stay another couple of weeks. Seems like everytime I talk with her, the plans change. At least her lungs, which were a bit of a concern for them, are better. Apparently the fluid and pneomonia had taken a toll on them. I appreciate all the kind words, prayers, thoughts, and calls we've been receiving. This is what gets us through. Maybe after she gets home, things will calm down some and I won't be so depressing to read. Thanks for bearing with me:) I plan to go visit tomorrow and hopefully be there when the docs give the reports.

Love to all.....


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Deedra said...

I'm with you! I hope the girls go all the way! I played for Pisgah and we went to state a couple of times while I played. There is nothing like that excitement to a girl who has played her heart out all year!

Go Hornets!!
(yes! That came from a Lady Eagle!!)