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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Psych 101

I've got to begin with some humor.....I've been waaaay tooooo depressing and depressed myself. Thanks to Mawmaw she gave me a good shot in the arm of the funnies! By no way am I making light of the situation with her, because my heart aches for her and the circumstances that is surrounding her, but she is so comical at times and I love the fact that she's still got it!! She had to undergo a psychological evaluation this week due to her dementia. The lady asked her to write down this sentence: "My dog ran away." You think that Mawmaw was going to let this lady outwit her....not by a long shot:) Mawmaw wrote: "I do not have a dog." lol!!!!!!!!!! Gotta love her!!!! We have been laughing with her this know sometimes in bad just have to. Please pray for her. She is in the hospital now with an infection, and for her in the days ahead as decisions have to be made regarding her care.

I'm back home from the hospital and want to update on Mom. To make a very looooong story, short, the jist of it is this:

-Mom's home now
-She returns Monday for a check-up
-She passed all the tests!!!! Praise be to God!!!
-She is on the transplant list.....we are all on call 24/7
-In 2 weeks she will have a Ventricular Assist Device (VAD)....due to the stage of heart failure she is in....this device must be in to help her heart supply blood to all organs before organ failure begins.
-If she were to get a match before this VAD is in, then they would do the transplant and not the VAD
-Her antibody/RH factor is going to be hard to match, thus the reason for the VAD...this may be a loooong wait and she doesn't have much time without any assistance
-After the VAD surgery she will have up to a 3-4 week stay in the hospital...this (VAD) is OPEN HEART SURGERY
-After the VAD surgery she will have to wait 3-4 months before she could receive a heart, due to recovery time from the VAD

I hope I didn't make this clear as is so overwhelming and so many details that I had to come straight home and write it all down before I forgot a detail. We are just PRAISING THE LORD for answering our prayers thus far. He has a perfect plan!

Mom asked me to thank each of you for your prayers...she felt every one! It has been a tough week for her and Dad, but we sometimes have to go through the valleys before we reach the mountain top! And I know that Mom will reach that mountain top and be able to look back and see just what God brought her through to get there. What a sight to behold it's going to be!! She asks that you remember her in the coming weeks and pray for God's will to be done.

Love you all.....



Deedra said...

First of all, your Maw Maw is a woman after my own heart! That is just precious!! She sounds like my grandmother!

Second, we are praying for your mom and your entire family. I can't even imagine the range of emotions she is feeling right now. But you're right, with God, we can overcome anything, and I truly believe she is going to overcome this!

We love you guys!

Anonymous said...

I hope I am that spunky when I get that age. It is something I would do now!! And I am praying for your Mom and family. God is faithful and we see His hand through this situation. He will receive glory as He already has from your family. You guys are precious! Love ya!

Cheryl said...

This is so funny! That sounds more like something Myra would say!! HA! HA! I will be praying for her and your family as all of you struggle through this rough time. Thanks so much for keeping us posted on what is going on. Love all of you!

Anonymous said...

My prayer is that a heart is available soon so that she doesn't have to go through 2 or 3 surgery's!! That may seem alot to ask but if you don't ask you won't receive!!! Our God is sooooo GREAT!
You all have alot going on right now and of course your still sooo much in my prayers!!! Lots of LOVE!