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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Update on Prayer Requests

I just got a call from my Mom. She received a call from B'ham today. They are wanting her to be getting some records, tests, etc. together before she comes to them on the 18th of this month. She will need to prepare to stay for a few days for some tests that have to be run before she can get a transplant. She had these tests done in 2006, but some need to be updated. So it looks like the ball is beginning to roll. She is doing don't think she is not...because Mom is ALWAYS fine! Sisters, you know what I'm talking about:) Mom thinks I'm portraying her as this deathly sick person and everyone is coming up to her asking how she is, thinking she is fixing to die. You have to know my Mom....that's why she is still with us...she is one tough lady and God smiled on her! This does not mean that she is worse, it is just another step towards getting a transplant. There is no telling how long this process will take. Pray for us! We love you Mom!!!

As far as Dad is concerned, he got his stitches removed on Monday of this week. It was maglinant, but they feel sure they got it all. No treatments will be necessary, just to keep a check on it, is all that is required. He is just trying to get over a bad case of the crud now, and he should be good as new! I hope so....because we need you Dad!

Thanks for all your prayers and support!!


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The Preacher's Wife said...

we'll keep on praying for mom and dad, carrie. each step is huge and i just know she'll make it through each one with the Lord's help.

much love,