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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mom.....You Did A Crazy Thing Today!

Update: Back from the Dr. and guess what......HE HAS THE FLU....POSITIVE FOR THE FLU!!! I need a whipping for not making time to get me and the kids a flu shot. Hubby got one at work, so he is the only smart one in the bunch. Yea, you know it hunney!!

I feel so bad for him...he is one sick little boy. I wish I could make it go away for him. We will be the first in line next year for the flu better believe it!!

Hubby called me from the orthodonist with the other son...."Hey Momma (that's me), which Dr. would you like son #1 to go to for his wisdom teeth to be cut out?" Whaaaaaaaaatttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!

Please pray for my son to get well soon and please pray for me to keep my sanity. The son with the flu reminded me while I was writing the check to pay the Dr., to make sure I didn't write it out to the church:)

BTW.....the flu is, brother, and friend T and her child all have it!

Pray that Spring comes quick and we can GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE!!

K.T.....if you are reading this today.....I need a raincheck on Sat.:(


That's the first sentence out of son #2, after coming home from school yesterday! Not, hey Mom, I love, it was Mom you did a crazy thing today:) And he was justified in saying just that. Keeping up with things, especially keys....the T's will say amen to not my speciality. Now I can add to the list.....keeping lunch money for my children to the, "not keeping up pile:)". Son #2 told me on Tues. that he needed lunch money. He reminded me again Wed. morning as the bus was coming in the driveway to pick them up. I am a speed demon, at least I have one strong suit, and I quick wrote a check for the said lunch $$. Yes!! Supermom....writes a check in no time flat! I sigh with relief, the kids get on the bus and all is well for another day. Yeah right! NOT!!!!

I MADE THE CHECK PAYABLE TO: C. G. BAPTIST CHURCH!! For crying out loud people.....what is wrong with me? At least I had church on the brain...surely that counts for something. I even wrote his lunch # on the memo line of the check!!! The smart kid that #2 is, can I take credit for that...maybe....I need something to be proud I guess not after this......anyway, he caught Mommy's mistake and just brought the check back home. Thank you Son, I will forever be indebited to you! Sweetie!! Darling!! Pumpkin!!! He did get to eat lunch....he know's big brothers lunch #.....did I tell you how smart he was:) lol!!!!!!! Now, son #1 is going to be short a lunch, and he will be hollering at me in a few days, as the bus is coming down the drive, and we start all over again! I hope he remembers to proof the check before handing it to the lunch lady!

Son #2 woke up with a fever, sore throat, and cough this morning. I don't know about you...but I'm ready for SPRING! He had the first cousin to the flu and missed a week of school before Christmas, and son #1 had the flu the week after Christmas! I feel so sorry for them when they are sick. All son #2 kept saying this morning was that he was going to miss the youth duck hunt this weekend. I'll save the details on these extravaganzas for a later date!! Everyone needs to know about duck hunting!

Off to the doctor we go today! I hope it is something that can be fixed speedy quick....if not, son #2 is going to be one saaaaaaaad little boy!

Enough of my rantings!!

Love to all,



K. Tilley said...

Your so crazy!!!!

Hope J'bird is feeling better.

Deedra said...

I hope everyone is feeling better soon! My Father in law has had the flu something horrible, and he NEVER gets sick!

Susan said...

Hope everyone's better soon. It's no fun having them sick. Hang in there and hopefully there'll be better weather soon.


Deb said...

Pretty sure Ally had the flu too. I am bad Mom and did not make the trip to the doctor for them to tell me though. I earned my MD after 18 years of parenting! LOL! She is better, even got to play her last ballgame last night! WOO-HOO! Ball season is over!! I will try to not sound overexcited in her presence! Hope you all get well soon! Praying you get to go with us women again!