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Saturday, February 9, 2008

I Love A Good Challenge!

I don't know about you, but at my house, anytime we are leaving the house to go somewhere or getting ready for bed, 2 things happen: they start looking for something or start a new project! Grrrrrrrrrr! So, being the challenged person that I am, I join in for the fun:)

Hubby comes home yesterday with the Boat Certification Manual for our state. Did you catch the phrase...... HE BROUGHT IT HOME...HIS IDEA, remember that part for later. I could see the lightbulb look come on in son #1. Being that he is now the legal age to get his boating license, the challenge was on. Of course like most men, I found hubby and son #1 glued to the computer taking this online test. I asked if either of them had read the manual.....No Mom...we don't need to read it. Dad has his license already. Remember HIS IDEA part, I guess he picked it up just to get the online address? I said, "hum, let's see...I think that has been several years ago". I set back and watch and try to start looking up answers in the manual for them, seeing that they were stumped on a!!!!!! They finish the 60 questionnaire and would you believe it......THEY FAILED IT!!:) Surprise, Surprise:) By now it's way past our bedtime.

Here's where the competitor part of me begins: I take the stupid manual to bed with me and read it. Hubby said, "are you really going to read that thing"? I said, "Of course dear"! He said, "we'll just take it a few times and we'll pass it eventually"! I said, "Sure dear, whatever dear".

Guess what I did this morning? Yep, I took the online 60 question test and PASSED IT!!! I ONLY MISSED 2! Being the cheating, loving, kind of Mom that I am....I took another test for my son #1! Shame on me I know....but son #1 will have to pass Mom's questionnaire and it won't be as EASY as the online test, before he will receive his license! I will justify the cheat that way! I really do teach my children NOT TO CHEAT, so don't condemn me just yet! I hope that no one who is a Marine Police or related to one will turn me in:/ We teach our kids safety first....ALWAYS!

Now that I have my boating license, I guess my guys will have to take me with them more often, on their fishing and hunting excursions:)!!!!!!! Next time they will think twice before disregarding a manual....I hope for anything including, but not limited to: directions, assembling something, etc. MEN!!! You Gotta Love 'em!

Go Mom's!!

BTW....cabin fever is beginning to set in:)


K. Tilley said...

Ok, you know that if the boys find out that both their mothers have boat license we will be in trouble. I kinda cheated on my test too. I went out of town and when I came back I had them. This was back before internet so Brian took the test while I was at Hygiene school one weekend. When we were on a dolphin cruise he was trying to give me a crash coarse in why things were certain colors and which side of the boat was named whatever......As you can tell, I didn't listen very good that day.

I've spent many summers driving and boat and pulling skiers but it is not my favorite thing to do. I have never felt like I have control of the boat and that scares me.

Here's to boating and summertime...

K. Tilley said...
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mthompson said...

You can drive our boats any time you want to ;-)