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Friday, February 15, 2008

Lost and Found

Those two words are a constant in our family and I'll get to that in a minute. I need to lead you up to what turned out to be a crazy Valentine's night.......

Our local girl's basketball team was in the sub-regional playoff's last night.......BTW....THEY WON!!! GO GIRLS!!! Knowing my guys like I do, I knew they would be at the game. So, I spend Valentine's night by myself.....after I cooked them some good 'ole fried chicken, gravy and biscuits......and a sock-it-to-me cake!! Don't feel sorry for me....I could have went with them, but much needed house work was awaiting me. And sometimes a Mom just needs some quite time! Which I enjoyed!!

Then they came home:) Here's where the fun begins......Son #1 comes to me and said, "what did you do with my baseball glove?" I reply, "I haven't seen your glove." If you remember, one thing our family is famous for is LOSING THINGS!!!! By this time, he is in panic mode and Mom's fuse gets short! Next thing I know, I'm like a rat on acid, cleaning and searching for a glove! He calls his friend H, who gave me a good laugh last night, thanks H...for making me feel better about myself......and asks if he left his glove in his Mom's car....thanks K for bringing my child home from practice...... I got busy frying that chicken and forgot my child! You always have my back!! But, no glove there. Hubby is one of these that stops and thinks? Not me and son #1, we're tearing the house down looking for it. Hubby goes step by step with son #1 and replays each move he made and determined it must be at the park.

Glove was found this morning.....AT THE PARK! Whew, another LOST AND FOUND episode at the L house! I can't wait for the next one.....wonder what it will be....keys, billfold, glove, shoe, sock, coat, homework, bills, money, retainer, medicine, etc.

I'm glad Jesus stopped my way one day........I was LOST but now I'M FOUND!!! Thank you Jesus!!! Nothing else really matters!! Help me pray for my boys and for their salvation! Pray that I will be the example that I need to be!




K. Tilley said...

Glad you found the glove....and you (LOL)

Cheryl said...

You are a wonderful example for your boys! We have been through the "lost glove" thing, many times. Ross looses everything!!! Still does. He is in college for pete's sake! Does it ever end??? Glad you found JESUS, that's a keeper!!

The Preacher's Wife said...

Wanna know my remedy for that??

I've told my boys they have to take Syd's pink glove to practice if I have to search for even a minute for any of their equipment. The eldest boy had to actually walk from the car to the concession stand holding it last year and that has cured him ever since. lol (It wasn't that bad, I let him give it back to me before he got to the dugout..:))

You can totally borrow it if you want to. Your eldest will appreciate me so much! :)