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Friday, September 19, 2008

"We do not know what we should pray for...but the Spirit ....makes intercession for us." Romans 8:26 NKJV

This verse describes exactly how I feel. Not knowing how or what to pray for. Nothing coming from my lips. Just tears. And the great thing about God is...He understands my tears. He hears them. He can. He will. He makes sense of my wordless prayers. Only He can do that. I take great comfort in knowing my God is real and He knows my heart even when the words don't come.

I'm thankful for family, friends and all of you web friends. You listen to me when I'm hurting. You take the time to be there. Even if I am a blubbering mess. You know. You console. You pray. You offer a shoulder. You cheer me up.

For all that, I'm thankful.

Mom still hasn't heard from her doctor on exactly why the surgery didn't work. She spoke with Trina (transplant coordinator), yesterday a couple of times. Trina wants to speak to the doctor in person to know exactly what went wrong. He was in surgery all day again yesterday. Can you imagine what these doctors go through? I know they make the big bucks, but imagine the stress. Anyway, Trina hopes to find out something today. If not, surely by Monday. Trina expressed her concern to Mom about it not working. She also consoled Mom by saying if it was something bad, the doctor would be pressing the issue by now. So, we are resigned to the fact....we will not worry! God knows and as Deb commented, "this may have took us by surprise, but not God." She is right. God already knows the outcome to Mom's heart. After all, He placed that heart in her. He knows if it is time for her to receive another one. Whatever the outcome may is for His glory.

I'm thanking God today for His interpreter, the Holy Spirit, that connects me to Him. We can have a good quiet, crying time together and He understands!

I will try and keep you all posted as we find out more about Mom.

Thank you for you love and support....especially for all the prayers!



Deedra said...

We are praying for your mom and for you all. God is in control, but sometimes It's so hard to wait and release our fears to faith when it's someone we love so much.

Cheryl said...

Oh girl, I know all of you have been through so much. You still have such a sweet heart! Trust in HIM Carrie. Keep the faith! God Bless you and family~

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Oh Carrie,

Please know I am praying for your mom. I know how much y'all wanted this to work.

I love what your dad said, "This will not blow us out of the water." I'm reminded of the verse that talks about double-minded Christians who allow themselves to be tossed about on the waves. Girl, there ain't nothing double-minded about the faith of your family. You hold on tight. God WILL perform mightily on your behalf!

I love you girlfriend!

Karri said...

I am so sorry your mom is having complications. You and your entire family are in my thoughts and prayers. I remember when my niece was going through the transplant process. I know how tiring and tedious all the tests, appointments, and endless waiting is not only on your mom but on her caregivers. Stay strong, God always has a plan if even we don't understand it! Love you and your family. If there is ever anything i can do to help, please let me know.