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Friday, September 26, 2008

The Fall Bug Has Bit!
More cheap fall finds.....

A buck a pop!! Too cute! I love me a good Dollar Store. Thankfully I have one in my little town. Check register doesn't agree:) lol!!!

I also found this fabric pear in all it's folksy glory:) Corny I know! But it was a buck too! Couldn't resist. And no...that's not an empty whiskey bottle I'm giving thanks for:) lol!!!! I found it in the has a little whole at the top of it. Does anybody have a clue as to what purpose it may have served?

This hear crackled glass pear was not a Dollar Store jewel. Just a glorified Dollar Store that you can eat and shop in, all under the same roof. I'm sure you know the answer to the riddle. Yeah...another fav of mine... Cracker Barrel!! Give it up for their home viddles and gift store! Genius, I tell you! I'm thinking this pear cost me around $15 bucks. A little more than I would normally pay...but don't ya think it was worth it?

Pillows are another hang up of mine. Therefore this little bird had to come home with me. $4.99 at Cracker Barrel. Now that's what I'm talking about!!

If you get really close to the screen you can see this metal plaque has the words, FAITH, FAMILY, FRIENDS, inscribed on it! $9.99 at Fred's!! That says it all for me!

I love to "attempt" to decorate. I'm sure some home interior major is horse laughing at my decor:) They could always use me as an example of, "what not to decorate with." lol!!!

Now, to the outdoors.......


Cindy said...

Oh you and I would have sososo much fun shopping together. I love 'antiquing' and saving at 'specialty' stores (you know the 'inexpensive'type).
I too am getting ready for fall ~ only fall in AZ in still 102 today.
Oh well winter in AZ is glorious.
You can't have it all.
Keep shopping, keep saving.

Cheryl said...

What great finds!! I love the post about the candy, Harvest Seeds. I did NOT know about that, thanks for that tip! I love to visit with you and yes you are a wonderful decorator! Love You!

Anonymous said...

Love love the metal plaque. I gotta go to Fred's more.