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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Give me a Size 8.....

Isn't it amazing how God works. Sometimes we think we have nothing to look forward to. Our lives are difficult. Maybe we've made a bad decision. Gloom and doom seem to be rampant. Gas is nowhere:) Really people! What is up? Why should I worry? God is in control. America is just about down to nothing, all the while, God is up to something. We better be prepared!

I'll leave you with this fitting little short story:

A guy walks into a shoe store and asks for a pair of shoes, size 8. The well-trained salesman says, "But sir, you take an 11 or eleven-and-a-half."
"Just bring me a size 8."
The sales guy brings them, and the man stuffs his feet into them and stands up in obvious pain. He turns to the salesman and says, "I've lost my house to the IRS, I live with my mother-in-law, my daughter ran off with my best friend, and my business has filed Chapter 7."
"The only pleasure I have left is to come home at night and take my shoes off."

In this world we may lose "stuff", but as Christians we are still the richest in the world. Don't know about you, but I'm "moving on up" one of these days......gas or no gas!

God loves you,

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K. Tilley said...

**(George)** I'm with you on the "moving on up" Great Post!

Gas trucks were delivering in R'vill last night and cars were backed up, again! I am thankful that the God we serve won't need any gas one day for His children to get to their new home......what a meeting that will be!!!