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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy Birthday!

9-9-98 proved to be an interesting day:) My driver, Sister C, was taking me on my regular prenatal visit. I was experiencing some "heartburn." Unbeknown st to me, my so-called, "heartburn", was indeed labor pains:) No wonder the bottle of tums I chewed all morning didn't help. Go figure. Who knew that his (Jay's), foot was wedged between my sternum? I still feel that pain at times:) lol!!! Anyway, I waddle all the way in and hoist myself up on that table and continue to inhale tums, when the doc comes in and says I'm in labor. Whaaaat? Um, excuse me I have heartburn here. It's not time. Remember we scheduled the c-section for the end of this month?

Dear Sister C makes a call to Hubby to let him know to get his behind up here right now...the baby is! You have to know the history between sister C and hubby. Let's just say he likes to torture her. So, he thought this was just her getting back at him. He doesn't believe her and hangs up:) After much deliberation on her part, he finally gets the message and makes his way to the hospital.

As they say....the rest is history. God blessed us with a beautiful healthy, happy, BIG, baby boy. Weighing in at 9 lb. 10 oz. 22 1'2 inches long. Yeah, the heartburn was justifiable:)

Jay is a sweet boy with a gentle spirit. He loves his big brother and a huge fan of his Dad's. He loves all sports and has found a new love in playing the guitar. Jay loves to have a good time. Cool Jay is what I'm calling him now. The exact opposite of me and his brother. Exactly like his Dad. He is a giver. He loves to work with his Dad. And when the day is done, so is he. This is the only way he is like me....we are early to bed...early to rise.

Jay, we love you very much and are so proud of you. The night you were saved will forever be imprinted on my mind and heart. The way you had such a broken heart and desire to know God. Your testimony and smile on your face, proclaiming to all who would hear, what God had done for you. You will never know who all you touched that night, and made a huge difference in several lives. We love you and wish you a lifetime of happiness. Always take God with you wherever you go. Love you, Mom and Dad.

Did I mention that 9-9 is also Hubby's birthday? Oh yeah, maybe that's why he couldn't believe I was having Jay on that day. What a chance in a lifetime for a parent to have a child be born on their birthday. Hubby, hope you have a Happy Birthday too! I love you and thank you for being such a good Dad and Husband!



Deedra said...

Happy birthday to both J's! This is a really sweet post! Today is my brother in law's birthday too! 9-9 is a good day!

We were hoping Lilah would be born on 4-12. It's my dad and my husbands birthday, or 4-11 it's Doris & Chases, and my niece Maggie's...but neither her nor me could hold out til 4-11 or 4-12.. 4-2 is her day!...I did stand my ground and not let her be born on April fools day!

K. Tilley said...

Happy Birthday Guys!!!!
Hope your day is filled with lots of love and best wishes......and well.....ball practices and ball games.

Shaunta said...

Happy Birthday J & J! I didn't realize their birthdays were the same day. Little J (or should I say the youngest J...he gets bigger everytime I see him!) would have certainly been a great birthday present!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Happy late B'day Js! Of course, I got to tell little J in person but I didn't know about Big J! How cool is that??

Got your txt Carrie...Elijah is in! :))

Melissa Lea said...

A couple days late but Happy Birthday to J & J! Hope you guys had a happy one!

Cheryl said...

Wow! What a great present! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you both!! I loved the pictures of my friend M. She looks younger as she gets older!!! Hope you are having a good week girl! God Bless~